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    i am staying at cti in november. i read somewhere where they did a casino night. do they still do these?

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    Good question! I was wondering about casino night too. I saw it in he activities schedule and wondered what it was. We were there last summer but were too tired by 10:30 to do any night activities. We are headed back next week and I am determined to stay up late!

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    They did in 2013 - Wednesday evening. A lot of fun! Don't know though if they are still doing it or not.

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    We have participated in Casino night the last 2 years at CSS - and had a blast. We won like 65 million dollars and they gave out some neat prize packs at the end. Just a note: please remember that this is a fun entertainment and not a "serious" winner take all event. We actually have seen people huff off when they realize that it IS all fun and games!

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    CTI still does it Wednesday nights after the silver birds.. 39 days until we are home again!

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    We also did the casino night and lots of fun. But yes remember it is very casual and for fun. With the play money we won there was a auction at the end. Enjoy

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    I have won billions at Casino night, heck, my 26 beat the dealers 25, LOL. It is for fun and entertainment and as long as folk don't take it too seriously it is a hoot. Oh, yeah I have also lost billions, you know they don't build those Casino's on winners. Is Good Mon!

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