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    We heard that Maxine is leaving CTI. Max was there when we first arrived in 1995. She will truly be missed. She has been such a good friend to us all these years. Please convey our good wishes to her where ever she may be. Thank you so much Maxine. I will definitly miss your wonderful hugs.

    Richie & Sylvia

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    Hopefully she will still be there next month. If she is Rich I will let her know.

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    Nick and I, too, are sad to hear of Maxine leaving. We just had the pleasure of seeing that warm smile in January. Please pass on to her our best wishes. We will miss you in January!

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    She was one of the greatest assets CTI had, and will greatly be missed. June 30th was her last day. A sad day for Couples in deed. But hopefully a great day for Maxine and her new adventure!!!

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    Oh no. We love Maxine. Who will sit with us at the repeaters dinner? CTI will never be quite the same.

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    We had heard too that Maxine was leaving and we are going to really miss her after all these years BUT we are very happy for her!!! CTI has lost someone great but it also gives someone else the opportunity to try to be as great as Maxine was for those many years. Let's welcome whomever steps into those big shoes with open arms. We love you Maxine and you will be miss you.


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