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    Default Honeymoon Questions!

    My Fiance Nick and I are getting married in November of 2014. Nick and I are in our 20's and we enjoy spending time together, but we like our individ It's about 4 months away and we have not booked our honeymoon yet! I will be student teaching at this time so our only chance of taking our honeymoon is over Holiday in December, or we wait until June of 2015. We would like to go to Couples Negril. I have some questions, I hope you can help me find answers!

    • What is the weather like in December? How about in June?
    • We have never been to a couples resort, or anywhere really, any tips?
    • How long should we be on our honeymoon? Is 7-10 days too little?
    • How much spending money should we bring?
    • My fiance has problems sitting still, will he have enough to do in Negril?
    • Do we have to pay for spa activities separately?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

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    I don't know about the weather... But if price is an issue it will be cheaper in June, because December is peak season. Search the message board for hours and you will find hundreds of tips pertaining to travel in general, couples resorts, and CN. There are just too many to sum up here. Everybody is different about how long to stay...we stayed 6 nights for our honeymoon. We left feeling like we couldn't wait to return and do all the stuff we didn't do last trip, so it left so excitement for this time. We wouldn't have wanted to stay any longer though, because we were ready to come home. Others stay 2+ weeks and would never come home if they didn't have to. I have always gotten homesick easily though and while I love to travel, I am always glad to be home. 7-10 days will be perfect. Spending money depends on how much shopping/extras you will do. There's a couple of threads on here if you search "money" that have some good insight. We take a couple hundred bucks for shopping/spa & driver tips/cokes on the plane. We charge any resort purchases to the card on file. I don't suggest a credit card at any other place though because of security/fraud and also international surcharges. Be sure to call your bank and let them know you are traveling though so they don't lock your acct if you do use the card in case they suspect it was stolen. My husband doesn't sit still either...ever...there was a magical gravitational pull between his butt and a beach chair and plenty to do if he did feel restless. Spa activities/gratuities are not included (unless you are eligible for the free 25 min couples massage for your honeymoon in which case the massage is free but the gratuity is not.) Look for the honeymoon details under weddings/honeymoons... If you show proof of your wedding within a certain timeframe after, there are some extras you get for free. You can find a menu with prices on the website if you look under the spa. Sorry for the long post! Be sure to use past threads on the message board for info's an invaluable resource.

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    SamanthaAnn ~ Not to sound rude, but have you tried the search function on the message board. All of your questions that you have asked are answered many times. I'm sure you will get lots of information from those threads if you just do a little searching.
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    I just joined this message board, so I haven't looked too deeply, but I was hoping for some help that was related more to our needs and not just general information, but the information I have received is wonderful and I will take it into consideration! I was just wanting a little help...that's all...

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    We always go in July and it is very warm but really not that bad. There is usually a brief shower every afternoon that is refreshing and a great time to hit the pool bar.
    Just enjoy CN. There is a lot to do...or not do. Try something new and indulge in all the free stuff ie food, drinks, water sports, snorkeling, free personal training, free tennis lessons from a pro, definitely take in the spa services (not free), the catamaran cruse, enjoy the nightly entertainment and join in the late night piano bar fun. Also pay for the night was really cool seeing things like an octopus. If you google things to do in negril there will be a list of off resort things to do like the zip line and river rafting. I would go on the one love bus pub tour to see some local bars, he will pick you up at the resort and bring you back you will need money for your drinks and tip for Lambert. Also, do one of the private activities like the beach dinner, private cruise or have a couples massage in the tree house. All these cost extra but are nice for a honeymoon.
    I would save money and book a garden room...building 2 is a great location and overlooks the spa pond.
    7-10 will be a nice time. We usually do 9 so we have 7 full days on resort. I definitely wouldn't go any less than 7...just my opinion.
    Spending money depends on you. You need money to tip the baggage guy at the airport, the driver to the resort, spa people, souvenirs, and any off resort things.
    And ask ask ask all the questions you want, if people don't want to answer they won't...but most every post will grab someone's interest and they will be happy to help out! Enjoy your vacation!

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    Hi SamanthaAnn! My husband and I went to Couples Negril (first Couples experience) for our honeymoon from December 15-22 of this past year and it was perfect!! The weather was about 85 degrees every day with rain for a few hours 2-3 afternoons, but even during those times, we just sat in the hot tub and chatted with another couple As for tips, just plan to enjoy yourself and relax! They want to make your trip perfect for you, so whether that's sitting on the beach/pool chair and letting the bar staff bring you drinks or teaching you an new water sports activity or starting up an evening game of beach volleyball, all you have to do is look around or ask! My husband and I enjoyed the volleyball, massage class, margarita class, Jamaican cooking class, kayaking, snorkeling, and catamaran, and some friends who we met also tried the scuba diving and water skiing. Couples offers sooooo many activities that are included, so your hubby-to-be should be fine I think the other posts already addressed some of your other questions. The only other thing I would add is that we brought a program from our wedding to show that it was within the range (maybe 30 days?) and received a certificate for a complimentary 25 min couples massage and a voucher for champagne delivered to our room

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    SamanthaAnn, Congratulations to you both. We have brought 800 dollars with us and always have a few hundred left over. We go for a week, I would like to go for 10 days, but my wife thinks it is too long. I think she is right. (both time and financially). We stay at the resort and the only thing we spend cash on is tipping our masseuse. We spend most of our money on food and drinks at the airports during layovers. They do have shops at the Mobay Airport (departure only) so if you like shopping you might spent money there. The resort will get you there about 2 hours before departure, so there is plenty of time to drop a few bucks there. We don't. As far as the length of stay, I think 7 days is what most people choose. I have to echo what the above posters suggested, read and search. Hope this helps. Sand gravity is not a myth. lol...

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    Samanthann, first congratulations on your marriage! Also for choosing Couples for your honeymoon. We are CSA loyalists but cnegril would be our second choice. We honeymooned at CSA and it was the best ever!
    I would recommend not over scheduling stuff and just go with the flow. You do want to get a little r and r too while your there! We love to take a bottle of bubbly down to the beach and take in the spectacular sunsets Negril is famous for. Don't forget your camera! Have an awesome honeymoon and welcome to the Couples family.

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    The weather is perfect in December. We have gone twice in the first 2 weeks of the month. Prices don't go up until the 24th for high season usually, at least that is our experience. We went 7 days the first time and 10 the second. We prefer 10 days as 7 wasn't enough time for us to relax. As far as money, that is up to you and what you plan on doing off resort. Don't need money on the resort except to tip the spa personnel, the cat cruise staff, and if golfing. You will have plenty to do or nothing to do. Your choice. Above all, have fun and enjoy your honeymoon!
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    Here's our two cents ...

    • What is the weather like in December? How about in June? We have been in November 4 times (and again this year) and the weather is nearly perfect.
    • We have never been to a couples resort, or anywhere really, any tips? Too many to mention here, just keep browsing these boards. LOTS of info!
    • How long should we be on our honeymoon? Is 7-10 days too little? We did our honeymoon in 2009 for 7 days. If you can afford more, I'd recommend it.
    • How much spending money should we bring? We always bring $100-$200 but that's for offsite stuff and tips to non Couples people (shuttle, spa, catamaran cruise)
    • My fiance has problems sitting still, will he have enough to do in Negril? We've never had a problem finding enough to do, although we do look forward to being "sand slugs" for a week.
    • Do we have to pay for spa activities separately? Charges for the spa services are billed to your room. This is why a credit card is "charged" when you check-n ... to cover incidentals like this.
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    Thank you all for taking the time to answer my questions! We are still trying to decide on specific dates but We have decided on December. I'm excited but nervous, as this will be our first big spending as a couple! I've already started a packing list! Just waiting to book now...

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    We have changed our minds! We are going to Tower Isle I'm super excited!!

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    Congrats on your engagement and to be marriage, Samantha. I remember back in November when me and my fiancee got engaged; we will be married in 12 days and then off to Couples Negril Good luck with all of your planning, me and Steph know exactly how crazy it gets haha Have fun and best of luck!

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    Thank you! Have a GREAT wedding day!! And an even better honeymoon!!

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    SamanthaAnn...don't worry too much! Things will fall into place Hubby and I will be married 20 years 8/6 and I totally understand the excitement, nervousness, enthusiasm, perfection expectation. You will be okay! Best of luck

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