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    Default Umbrella/SA Question

    Hi everyone!!

    We visited SA last year and loved it. Debating on whether to go back there or try another Couples resort, but that is for another thread. I love the beach. Love. However, I am quite sensitive to the sun and can't stay out in it for long periods of time -even with sunscreen. Last year it was hard to find a palapa (spell?) due to people claiming them early in the morning (which is fine). Has anyone every brought their own umbrella or anything of the sort to sit under? Is that weird? I was just disappointed a few times when I couldn't sit on the beach due to not having shade and having that back up would be great.

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    I have not brought an umbrella - there is one on line that comes in three parts and is advertised as "packable". It really was not hard to find shade with all the trees on the beach - you have to move with the sun some but not difficult.

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    What a great idea. I am also of the pale persuasion and seek shade. We haven't ever even thought to bring an umbrella because at other resorts (including CSS) finding an open palapa/umbrella was never an issue.

    We were at CSA last October and were highly disappointed/upset about people "marking" their palapa before 7AM (we tried as early as 6:45!). The last full day, I angrily sat near a claimed spot for hours, got breakfast, came back a bit later, had lunch, walked by a few more times through the afternoon, and NEVER saw the claimed spot with people!! Who does that?? Argh. People are horrible. Okay, end rant.

    But CN and, if I remember correctly, CTI, had no palapas or umbrellas anyway. I just searched for spots under trees, limited my time, and reapplied sunblock more often. If anybody has a suggestion for portable shade, I am super interested.

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    I don't think couples would allow you to use your own umbrella.

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    We tried moving with the sun some, but I have had a brush with skin cancer so I do like the shade of an umbrella :-) Bearso, that's kind of what I was wondering, as the beaches are pretty uniform with the white lounges. I would be curious to see if it would be allowed.

    People claiming the palapas doesn't really bother me. I get up at 545 to run but never really claimed one because we did stuff in the morning (spa, tennis, etc)and ended up on the beach around 11, so I felt odd just putting my stuff there, but that's just me.

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    I also can not stay out in the sun. I suggest you try CN. I have never had any issues getting a shady location. No umbrella or other special covering needed...just a chair or hammock.

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    Awhile back the moderator posted on this MB that they would not allow umbrellas on the beach. This was around the time that they added the shade sails at CSA. I've been to several resorts that provide beach umbrellas and one of the problems is that the umbrellas block the view of the sea for thos sitting behind them. There are plenty of umbrellas at the swim up bar and the Palms pool where you can sit and still have a beautiful view of the ocean. And I am also very fair and must be very careful in the sun, so I completely understand the concern.

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    Couples policy has always been "no umbrellas", thank God. Umbrellas would ruin the view of the most beautiful beach on the planet for anyone sitting behind, or near you. There is plenty of shade under the trees at CSA that you can get relief from the sun & cool off a bit. As much as I worship the sun, I've had to use the shade of the trees a time or two myself.

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    I loved that there were so many trees at CSA that provide shade.

    I am very pale and also not a morning person. We only got a palapa once, late in the afternoon when the beach wasn't as busy (might have been a rainy day, too).
    But we would still go out most days and grab a shady spot. Most of the time, the trees provided enough shade for me. Just got to look around to find them We would even get a spot not far from our room. The trees all over is one of my favorite things about CSA

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