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    Default CSA Room Question - Atrium vs Garden Veranda

    Need some help from CSA vets! My wife and I have a Ocean Veranda suite booked for July 21 - 28, however I was considering upgrading to the Atrium suite. Besides the TV which is not a big deal at all (We do not go to Jamaica to watch TV - lol) what would the main advantage be to the AS vs the GVS? The cost is not that much so that is not the issue. Thanks for any help.


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    Atriums are a little further from the road and they have a hammock on the veranda. Our garden veranda had a rocker chaise and couch. We like having a TV so we choose the gvs. I made a little video of our garden veranda last April if you want a peek. Sara Brainard Clemons on Facebook.

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    Garden is my choice. Like you said, you won't be spending THAT much time in your room. I don't care about the TV aspect much myself. However, I think the cost is what would sway me...idk. I am also thinking since we will be Skyping this time around, the GV would be better for us, as well. Used to, the mini bar was a big sway for many folks; however, I did love being able to have a short walk to the beach bar! Good luck in whatever you decide!

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    We've stayed in all but the OVS….We actually like the Atrium more than the GVS…We we've been lucky enough to stay in Atrium Suites buried in the heart of the resort. Once we were on the periphery of the wedding gazebo. Very quiet, with only a bit of music, etc. when the weddings took place.

    We love the Atriums for the vaulted ceiling on the 2nd floor and the walk up porch on the first floor. There's also a rocker and a large 2 person hammock. If you want privacy on the first floor, there are sail cloth curtains that cover all 3 "walls" of the porch (these are available on either floor).

    If you need "bathroom privacy," be aware that the 2nd floor bathrooms do not have walls that extend to the vaulted ceiling. For some people this is a deal breaker. For us it wasn't a problem.

    The other potential issue with the Atrium Suites is the potential to hear noise from your neighbors in your building. We once had an upstairs neighbor who must've had croup or something, because his coughing was just incredible to hear. We also heard our neighbors partying late into the night one night. This latter noise was dealt with by calling Security, who came and were effective in quitting things down.

    The GVS are also very nice. We've stayed in a 3rd floor room with marginal views of the ocean and 1st floor rooms near the koi pond. We've never had problems with traffic noise indoors, but for those with sensitive ears, this can be an issue. The glass windows and cement walls help to drown out any noise from neighbors. We've found that with the windows shut and the air con on, the road noise is virtually nil. We have, however, heard road traffic while sitting out on our verandah, especially when we were staying in the room by the koi pond.

    If given the choice, we'd definitely go with the Atrium Suite, as we really love the "old" part of the resort. It is (in general) much quieter than the area nearest the Swim up Bar, etc., and we really appreciate the more "jungle-like" vibe of the older area.

    No room is more than a 2-3 minute walk to the beach, so that's no biggie.

    We hope you have as good a time at CSA as we've had over the years!! Enjoy!!

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    Cost to upgrade from GVS to AS is usually very nominal and totally worth it!!! We stayed in an atrium suite last year and the ONLY other room I'd consider booking is beachfront. The Atriums are very close to the beach, in fact our was about 30 steps from a beach bar! So convenient. And the rooms really are magical. People are always saying its not about the rooms here but we absolutely loved ours!! The hammock was heaven, especially at night when the tree frogs were singing or during a rainstorm. The patio was huge with lots of space for friends to visit. We also loved the treehouse feel to the room. If you are comfortable with the price increase - you will NOT regret going with an atrium!!

    As was already mentioned, the atriums are also closer to the beach which means much less road noise. If you request a building closer to the beach you will practically feel like you're beachfront! Some even have an ocean view. I'd be happy to share photos and building suggestions.
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    Thanks so much guys - we did the upgrade and we are very excited - CSA in 10 Days!

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    I would definitely recommend Atrium if you don't care about TV's. We've stayed in both Atriums and GVS, and Atriums just have much more of a tropical, open feel about them. For what it's worth, Atriums are the same size and floor plan as beachfront suites. The only difference is they're not on the beach.

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    If cost is an issue and you like the feel of the Atriums then you can request a GVS on the old side. The rooms are simlar to the Atriums, just a little smaller.

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    Be aware there are a few rooms they call Atriums that are upstairs on the back side of the Beachfront Suites on the old side of the resort. Not the BFV on the new side. There is a little give and take when it comes to these rooms. Small room size , Very small porch barely covered , can't be out there if it rains, NO hammock and no Atrium but they ARE right on the beach. We got one of these rooms the first time we booked an Atrium and were a little taken back (expecting what we saw on the website) but ended up loving it. Really nice view of the water and beach. It all has to do with perspective. Like everyone says , you're not in your room all that much and if you don't like it ask them for a different room.

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