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    Default Making sense of it all....

    Making sense of it all....

    For the most part within our normal reality, we are really so tied up with our daily lives, that time just slips by, that things that surround us every day just become a part of our surroundings, things missed because we are so busy in our daily routines, our jobs, our families, our friends, our homes.
    From the moment we wake up, our daily responsibilities have started. Get ready for work, or get the kids ready, make breakfast if you have time, and so on. We get so caught up in the routine, it seems the be the same thing, day in, day out. Our senses become numb to a point, that we could pretty much walk through every day with our eyes closed and miss nothing... all routine, every day, every hour, every minute.
    We rarely stop to "smell the roses" so to speak, and when we do, it's only for a moment because there is always something that needs to get done. We really don't do that enough... just stop and enjoy the moment.
    At CSS, I have that time to "stop". I actually make a point of it, to stop and take in my surroundings, to allow my senses to absorb as much as possible, and become a part of it, like a missing piece of a puzzle and complete the scene for which I find myself at that moment.
    Having been to CSS 4 times so far (trip 5 in 84 days) I have found a few special place there that I can meld with the scene and let my senses take it all in,
    1. Sitting on the balcony with a pot of coffee. I am an early riser so It's usually still dark when I first get up. Walking out onto the balcony, I am hit with the warm tropical heat. I get the coffee going and take my place listening for the last gurgle of the coffee maker to signal that it is ready. I can still hear the tree frogs singing, the distant sound of the odd passing car can be heard, the waves on the beach also can be heard. A little shuffle here and there of the early shift staff pass back and forth, getting the day ready for the guests. An occasional cruise ship will be offshore, all lit up like a Christmas Tree, heading into Ochi for a day. The peacefulness of the early morning is awesome. No hustle bustle... just me and my pot of coffee taking it all in. Kinda like the calm before the storm.
    2. My early morning walk, which I take everyday while there, gives me a chance to explore some more, and on every trip so far, I have found something new that I had not noticed before. A path I had not been on, a tree or shrub I had not noticed. The resort is still very peaceful at this point, with just a few people wandering around like me, or staff getting to their post. Always a friendly good morning from everyone.
    3. Stopping at the pond, always, to see what activity goes on there. It seems that right after dawn, the pond comes alive with activity. Birds fishing, the turtles close to the surface come to where I'm standing, and the fish rippling the waters surface as they scurry away when the birds fly overhead. The pond is teeming with life, both above and below the surface of the water. It is an amazing place to see and be apart of.
    4. Sunset beach. I usually am there before anyone. Seeing how vast it is without anyone else there, knowing that within a few hours it will be bustling with guests relaxing in the sun, and having a great time. I'll stand by the White River and watch the local fishermen make their way out of the river in their brightly colored boats, hoping for a good day. Always a wave and a hello is to be had from them.
    5. At the spa. As we lay there with the very expert staff massaging out the knots, listening to the waves crash on the shore below, it is a whirlwind for the senses. I close my eyes and imagine floating above, watching the surroundings, the spa staff doing what they do best, smelling the fresh air, the sounds of the waves, the jungle. It is one of the highlights of every trip.
    6. On the patio outside of Casanova... It is where we go to when we arrive, taking our glass of sparkling wine and looking out over the terrace, seeing the beautiful landscape and ocean, taking in the warmth of the sun, smelling the wonderful fresh air, and that realization that we are "home" sinks in. Sitting under the stars at night, having some of the most amazing food with my wonderful wife, sipping our wine, engaging in whatever topic comes to mind, with the dimly lit surroundings creating an ambiance next to none, and loving every moment. It is a gathering point for when trips and excursions are booked, and you always see someone you know, either staff or guests, and say hello and maybe chat a bit. It's also the last place we are before getting on the sad bus home. One last look out over the Balloon Bar terrace, through the trees and on out to the ocean. It's where we say our final goodbyes to our home away from home, relishing in the memories made that week, of seeing old friends and meeting new ones, of the wonderful time we had, of the true beauty of this wonderful place.
    At every turn, Sans Souci delivers a buffet of sights, sounds, and smells that are sure to delight and tickle everyone's senses.
    It's been called the "Jewel of the Caribbean".. but I don't think that quite covers it.

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    Very nicely stated.

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    Well said Novastar, as always.

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    Novastar, you brought tears to my eyes remembering every detail of our past 3 visits to CSS and SSB. We're still working on trying to swing another visit to paradise next year for our 30th Anniversary. Both of us can hardly wait to go "home"!
    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

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    Wow! I love CSA, but you almost have me considering CSS!!!!

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    It is amazing how many of us have our "home" in one of the Couples resorts. It really is a point of preference, and ours is CSS even though we have not yet been to another. I keep looking at pictures of the others, and for some reason we are still drawn to CSS. It is where we are happy and content, like we belong there. I'm sure many feel the same, either with CSS, CN, CSA, or CTI. When a place makes you feel that special, I see no reason to explore. Go "home"... again.
    Have another awesome time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonegril View Post
    Wow! I love CSA, but you almost have me considering CSS!!!!
    We just returned from CSS, and I will tell you that everything Novastar mentioned is spot on... but there is so much more!! The view from the cliffs of G-Block is awesome, peaceful and private. The pathways and trails which wind around the resort are incredible. Take a bike ride around the pond... Talk to the parrots... The turtles will greet you when you approach the pond... Dinners were fantastic... The people we met were incredible! With a short piece of rope I tied my float to the buoys at sunset beach, and had a wonderful mid-day nap. I welcomed the cool water from the white river lapping up against me as I basked in the sun. This may be the most relaxing thing I have ever done. The synchronized couples massage my wife and I had in the spa gazebo, with waves splashing around us, was absolutely incredible. I will tell you that CSS is an incredible property and we will absolutely return "home" to CSS in the future.

    Much Respect and Much Love Mon!!
    One Love Mon,
    Jim & Michelle

    CTI & CSS 2014 split
    CTI & CSS 2015 split

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