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    Default CSA Sunset Vow Re-enactment

    Been and gone and done it!

    All booked for Novemeber 2nd.

    Having been married for 41 years and re-enacted our vows on our 20th will all of the original guests in the original chapel back in England, this time there are just the two of us (and anyone else who wants to tag along, drink in hand!

    However - big question - does anyone know the routine? Can two, relatively quiet, private people go through this without a great deal of fuss at CSA.

    Our ideal is the two of us, a Jamaican minister, and whoever wishes to raise a glass and express good wishes. Simple clothes (elegant, understated and barefoot) and a sunset.

    We really don't do fancy.

    This is all about our ability to make it so far despite what the world throws at us and we would like the evening to reflect that and share it with anyone who wishes to turn up.

    Can this be achieved? Anybody know?

    Your thoughts would be deeply appreciated.

    And if you are there when we are, we look forward to seeing you!

    Ian and Lesly Lawrence,
    St. Catharines, Ontario

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    If we were still at CSA on November 2nd nothing would give us greater pleasure than to raise a glass in toast to you.

    It sounds as though you may originally come from England (like us) but we have only been married for 36 years so we are only novices compared to you.

    We are going back to CSA - yet again - next Wednesday but unfortunately we have to leave to come hone to cold and wet England on the 28th October.

    Anyhow, it is a lovely thought to renew your vows and we hope that it brings back all those memories from 41 years ago.

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    By all means, do a vow renewal at CSA!

    Mrs. dirtleg and I had a vow renewal (or re-enactment if you prefer) in '05 for our 25th, on the beach at CSA. We traveled alone and had no plans beyond the two of us on the beach and what ever service the minister would provide. We wound up with a half dozen "guests" that we had met at CSA the first couple of days we were there. We were dressed quite simply, in bare feet, on the beach. Our guests were in swim suits and tennis attire. Is that too fancy for you? Didn't think so. It was absolutely wonderful and we were so happy with the ceremony, it was just perfect. I highly recommend it to anyone that is considering a vow renewal.

    As a suggestion: we had the cake saved for us in the kitchen at Palms and had it served after dinner that evening. We had a nice group of folks join us at the restaurant for our impromptu reception dinner and wedding cake. Great fun and wonderful memories.

    Congratulations and have a wonderful trip, you will love CSA. We are returning for our 30th anniversary in June and can't wait to return "home" to Jamaica.

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    Just in case you don't know, you need to make arrangements to do this before you arrive at the resort.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Ian and Lesley- Congratulations on being married for 41 years! Did you mean Nov. 2 of this year? We'll be at CSA Nov 3-6. Perhaps we will see you there
    Ben and Jenny
    CSA & CN- November 3-11, 2009

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    You can make the renewal as fancy or plain as you like. Our's was five years ago on our 32nd anniversary and somewhere in between. It was lovely.

    As Juli mentions, you must reserve your date and time ahead of your arrival.

    We'll miss you by about a month, so offer our congratulations here.

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    please do reserve your renewal time for your trip in the weddings area on this website. once done when your arrive you will have a meeting with Tamika and she will make your event everything you want. from simple to fancy it is up to you. we renewed our vows for 25 years in 2006 and Tamika and Keneshia made our day very special.

    just remember to reserve your time.


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    Look forward to meeting you and sharing a drink!

    Yup, originally from the UK, but Niagara has been our home since 1973.

    Lets get together. We arrive on October 30th from Toronto.

    All the best,

    Ian and Lesley

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    Love to meet up. We arrive October 30th from Toronto and are there for two weeks.

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    All booked, but thanks for the reminder!


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    Thanks for the great thoughts. Sorry we will miss you, but we'll raise a glass to you both!

    Ian and lesley

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    We have everything booked and confirmed and are looking forward to placing all the responsibilities with the saff.

    Just want to ensure everything works out the way we hoped. I'm certain it will!

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    So sorry we will miss you by two days, we depart Toronto on October 30th.

    We will raise a glass to you both when we arrive.

    My wife is originally from Dewsbury, I was born in Long Eaton. Niagara has been our home since 1973 (helps when we have 70 world-class wineries within a 15 minute drive from home - keeps you in one place!! LOL)

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation and it's not too cold when you get back to York

    Ian and Lesley

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