Been and gone and done it!

All booked for Novemeber 2nd.

Having been married for 41 years and re-enacted our vows on our 20th will all of the original guests in the original chapel back in England, this time there are just the two of us (and anyone else who wants to tag along, drink in hand!

However - big question - does anyone know the routine? Can two, relatively quiet, private people go through this without a great deal of fuss at CSA.

Our ideal is the two of us, a Jamaican minister, and whoever wishes to raise a glass and express good wishes. Simple clothes (elegant, understated and barefoot) and a sunset.

We really don't do fancy.

This is all about our ability to make it so far despite what the world throws at us and we would like the evening to reflect that and share it with anyone who wishes to turn up.

Can this be achieved? Anybody know?

Your thoughts would be deeply appreciated.

And if you are there when we are, we look forward to seeing you!

Ian and Lesly Lawrence,
St. Catharines, Ontario