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    Default What are the snacks?

    We're considering taking our honeymoon to css , but have a few questions.

    first, what are the snacks available?
    If you can tell me I can get pineapple spears, I will book without looking back! If not those, then what?

    Second, are ridiculously colorful multilayered tropical drinks available? We love those.

    Third, what happens if you don't like your meal, do you get to try something else?

    Thanks, we've never done all inclusive before and are hesitant to pull the trigger.

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    Don't know about pineapple spears but yes to the rest. Just book. Enjoy.

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    You didn't say which resort you are considering. Different resorts have different snacks. Some have pita chips and dips, some have nachos, some have ice cream. Lots of variety available. But food is available 23 hours a day.

    I don't know what a pineapple spear is, but they do serve pineapple.

    Yes, lots of multilayer, colorful frozen drinks.

    If you don't like something, send it back and order something else. Vice versa, if you like something you can order another one if you like.
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    At CSA in the afternoon, they walk the beach with ICE COLD fruit kebobs with assorted fruits.

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    Beach grill has food all the time, not sure what snacks. As far as other food , you will not go hungary and there is plenty of those drinks.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Thanks for all the replies! We are planning on CSS (Sans Souci), sorry if that wasn't clear!

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    Order one of each. Dont be scared.
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    Eat, Drink, and be Merry for tomorrow you may die.

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    There is lots of everything! And it's all very good!

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    Since CSS has room service, you can get nachos, pizza etc. delivered to your room!

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    We only go to CSS. They always have fresh pineapple available in the Pallazina. You can also get the fruit plate from room service - if you asked room service they would probably bring you a plate of pineapple to keep on hand in your fridge. You will never go hungry, and if you don't eat something, the servers will offer to bring you something different before you have a chance to ask! Tropical drinks abound - ask your bartender for their specialty. We chose CSS because of the variety of areas - beach, pools, lake, cliff views, and mineral springs - and just keep coming back!

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    CSS fires the popcorn machine up in the afternoon! In additionl you can always get a patty or fries from the grill. Of course you can get fish tacos or a burger any time too. Grill closes at 5 and reopens 6 or 6:30 as Belle Vista for dinner. You can always order room service which has things like pizza and fruit and cheese as well.


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    Just got through CTI into the mix they have a "healthy" fruit bar type of kiosk where you can get any type of frozen smoothie thing whipped up as well as fruits!!

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