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    Default CN review - Sept. '09

    Greetings from cold, overcast & drizzly Palmyra, NY !
    That is about as negative as this review of our wonderful stay at Couples Negril will be.
    Sarah & I are a mismatched couple of the age variety, but both are fun-loving and vacation starved. We booked a week (9.23 - 9.30) at Couples Negril after some serious online investigation of Jamaican all inclusive resorts.
    Let's get the airline rant out of the way first... please avoid US Air if you can. Yes, they got us there and back, but I have never encountered such aloof, arrogant , and unattractive (maybe it was the attitude?) flight and airport staff in my many years of flying. Flap your arms if you have to, it will be more pleasant.
    The Couples Lounge staff at Sangster was all I had heard. Friendly, informative and readily available. From the baggage handlers to the bar staff... Hooray for Red Stripe on tap ! Within 20 minutes we were on our way to the resort.
    No problems with traffic delays as I had read about earlier. We stopped at a beer joint for some cold ones, but were on our way in 10 minutes. Just a mention... we are 420 friendly and for those so inclined we have this advice; wait ! Good (better) things will happen later during your stay.
    At the resort we were greeted with champagne and a cold towel... both much appreciated since Negril was experiencing very hot weather, even for them. High 80's and 90's the entire week. After signing in and a card swipe for incidentals, we were escorted to our beachfront suite. We requested the 3rd floor and got one in BLDG 1 (1301) .
    The room was exquisite. Looked just like the brochure pics. A bathroom to die for, at least in Sarah's eyes. She got her own 'workstation' as we called it. All her body and hair stuff were on a separate counter with a chair, mirror and light. She felt like the princess that she is, and deserved to. The shower was like it came from the heavens. The water came directly from overhead. Plenty of hot water, a nice sized nubby bar of soap and amenities restocked every day. Our suite was equipped with an Ipod set up but we had CDs. Our house keeper had a CD player sent up before we were unpacked. Our fridge had everything we needed from the get-go, and a re-stock form on top of the TV was fulfilled every day. (Have I mentioned hooray for Red Stripe ?!!) Don't want to get overblown on the room, but our housecleaning and turn down service were SUPERB the entire stay. Thanks Anne Marie & Kaylene ! Oh, and a delicious hors d'oeuvres plate every night without fail !
    Off to the beautiful beach... the grounds and beach were immaculate, raked every morning. No seaweed, trash, etc. Pristine is a good word to describe it. I'm not sure if the resort just wasn't that crowded that week or what, but we found the beautiful beach and Bloody Bay sparsely occupied when we were there. Not to worry, we weren't forgotten. The red flag service wasn't even used, as Feron & Floy (both friendly and VERY hard working) kept our Stripes topped off and cold. We brought a pack of bendie straws for those times when Sarah opted for a cocktail... they were great to have when relaxing in the bay or pool on a floatie. Floaties... I noticed as we strolled the beach that other resorts don't have them. What are they thinking ? The water in the bay is as clean and clear as advertised.
    On day two we explored the grounds and met with some of the staff at the beach bar... talked, laughed and discussed music with Franklyn & Conroy and took our initial stands in the Gaza / Gully debate. We headed to our tree on the beach... she is fair skinned and needed to ease into the intense sun. I talked her into parasailing that day and although she fears heights AND open water, she's glad we did it. Memories for a lifetime. Again, Feron and Floy can't be thanked enough for their superb drink service on the beach.
    On one occasion one of the music guys walking the beach decided to serenade us with his talent. Believe me, we're music people, we know great from run of the mill. We had our own CDs and preferred them to a guy loudly proclaiming Peter Tosh's Legalize It, so we asked the guardsmen who patrols the Couples beach to kindly ask him and any other vendors to move him/them along. No problems for the rest of our stay. Thanks Dewayne !
    We can't with any certainty expound on the nightlife, as the Red Stripes, cocktails and sunshine had us retiring before 9p most evenings. We'd come back to our wonderfully A/C'd room after a day at the pool or the beach and it felt so good !
    The shopping excursion was fun... very touristy of course, but I asked the Tallman to take me to a Sun Island store while everyone else was shopping so I could get some Usain Bolt stuff. He did it without hesitation, and we were back to pick up everyone else in plenty of time.
    We didn't do Rick's or Margaritaville... we preferred the resort (and with good reason) and resort activities. I heard they were OK. We did however do the Catamaran Cruise and that was an absolute blast. Great people, great scenic ride, and wouldn't you know it, Red Stripe on tap! Steve & Erin, Carlton, and the 'do something crazy guy'... party people ! We love you ! You go to an area where you can swim in some caves and they set up a slide from the boat into the water. Very cool... do it !
    The glass bottom boat ride, not so exciting... I blame it on the lack of a bar.
    Piano bar / disco... didn't do it.
    Breakfast each day was the best I've ever had. The Smoked marlin rocks ! The food in general as well as the restaurant service was terrific. We had sushi at Lychee one night. Arturo, the sushi chef will make you whatever you prefer, and as much as you want .
    OK, the pool & swim-up bar. We had planned on going to the AN section one or two days but we had such a great time at the pool that we never got around to it. We love bodies and being naked but the people we met lounging at the pool and swim up bar were as crazy as us. The bar staff deserves a shout out... Sharlette, Carrie, Conroy and our girl Joyce... they took very good care of us. Sorry about that nametag, Conroy !
    I ramble... must... end... soon...
    To all of the staff that made our stay the best vacation ever...
    Again, Feron & Floy working the beach / pool circuit (We haven't forgotten you, Floy!)
    Carrie, Kaylene & Deston for going above and beyond. You are truly friends..
    Tevon... you rock !
    Lincoln, take a break !
    Tisonya, let's trade hats.
    And a special thanks from Sarah to Dewayne, Conroy & Marlon !
    Thank you all again... we will be back !
    Sarah & Robert

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    Isn't CN Terrific!!! Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time in Paradise!!!
    Love, Love, Love Couples Negril !!!
    Art xo Francine

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    We are so looking forward to being there in 10 days!!!
    Leslie aka Tallman is a great person, we call him everytime we come into Jamaica to take us around. Glad you had a wonderful time!!!

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    What a wonderful review!! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us!!!

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    Oh--- You make me want to be back at CN again so much!!!!
    Thanks for the review. For a few moments I WAS back there.
    Mariann and Jimmy

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    Hey Sarah & Robert! Enjoyed your review! Now I feel guys came back after us! lol And we STILL don't have our review up yet! So glad to of met you guys too! Miss you much! I have some pics I really need to get off of my microcard n email you guys. Love n Peace~ Erin
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmacwoods View Post
    lol... I guess some people can find a way to segue to anything. In response to your question though, HELL YEAH !!
    Hahaha!! Glad you appreciated that and I applaud your openness to boot!

    BTW, should have mentioned in my first post that I really liked your review and we're looking forward to our own CN experience, which regrettably isn't until April. Oh well, anticipation is part of the experience.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    we are 420 friendly and for those so inclined we have this advice; wait ! Good (better) things will happen later during your stay.
    Well I hope better things are coming then stopping by the road for beer and snacks?

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    Raydeena -

    Let's put on our thinking caps and see if we can figure out why I mentioned it where I did. The beer was fine. It's the 'snacks' I'm talking about. You can do better later on. You'll see ! When are you planning your trip ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by palmacwoods View Post
    Raydeena -

    Let's put on our thinking caps and see if we can figure out why I mentioned it where I did. The beer was fine. It's the 'snacks' I'm talking about. You can do better later on. You'll see ! When are you planning your trip ?
    Brillant - lol palmacwoods i was expecting you to say
    " macfly hello macfly" glad you enjoyed your stay at CN
    like like a negril sunset with some snacks !!!

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    C'mon guys! I have deleted threads mentioning slang for Ganja. Please no more discussions of illegal activities.

    Couples Resorts

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    Enjoyed your review. We will be there in a little over a month.

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