Anyone who has booked a split stay: Were you still able to book airfare with the hotel and get package savings that way? We want to stay one week at CSA first and then one week at CSS. We noticed that the airfare/hotel package from CSA for two weeks would save us $750 over what we would pay if we purchased the airfare separately from an online travel agent. For a one week stay at CSA the savings would be less, but still around $500. Even if we could just book the airfare for the complete stay along with the hotel for the CSA portion, it would save us a good chunk of change.

The problem is that I don't see any way to book airfare as part of a split stay booking online. You can't choose arrival and departure dates that are different from the dates of your stay, so at least on the website, there is no way to book the hotel for half the stay along with the airfare for the entire stay.

It seems to me that Couples would want to encourage people to stay longer, by ensuring they would at least get the same deal on airfare that they could get with a shorter stay. I suppose another way of looking at it though, is that Couples also would want to encourage guests to remain on one property to keep things from becoming too complicated.