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    Default Best Day to go off-site?

    We want to schedule the One Love Pub Crawl, but also don't want to miss anything at CSA. Veterans, what's the best day of the week to be away from CSA?

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    The weekly resort schedule can vary. Here is what we do.

    We do not schedule anything until we actually arrive at the resort. After we check in we will look over the weekly resort schedule found in the welcome package in the room. This schedule will be more up to date than the schedule found on the Couples website. After we settle into the room we will make our way back to the concierge desk and make any restaurant reservations and book the catamaran cruise. On the first day we will also stop by the tour desk and grab some pamphlets for any off resort excursions that interest us.

    Sometime on the second day we will book any off resort excursions that interest us. We will also make our way to the water sports shack and get on the list for snorkeling.

    Each resort will have a bulletin board with the most up to date schedule of events for the current day and sometimes the following day. This bulletin board is updated later in the evening, again the following morning, and as needed. This will be your most up to date schedule. make it a point to look at this bulletin board at least once per day. I will usually look at it before heading back to the room after the evening's main entertainment and again at breakfast. This bulletin board is usually located in the main dining area.

    By waiting until we arrive at the resort and doing it this way, we won't miss anything due to scheduling conflicts.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise

    Only 232 more days until we return to Couples.

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    Great advice! Thank you.

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    Thank you.. and apologies for posting this in the wrong forum. Didn't mean to.

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    I found the schedule on the site. From Couples main page click on Swept Away. Under that bar is a smaller black/grayish bar, click on Activities. Go to the bottom of the page click on View Social Schedule.

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