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    Default local Jamaican Artwork/Artists in Ocho Rios

    Having just moved to a wonderful new home my wife and I are hoping to purchase a lovely piece of original artwork to hang somewhere in our home. We saw many vibrant paintings on our trip to the various markets but one is so hassled to leave one stall and move to another (invariably with the same goods being sold by the first!) that we decided to move on as it was really quite aggressive at times. We would have been happy to buy something nice but the markets can be quite frightening. One chap accused me of 'disrespectin' him because we didn't want to look at the wares on his stall. Go figure!

    Anyway, we were considering purchasing a nice piece of art and were wondering if anyone out there in Couples forum land had done anything similar?

    We'd like to ask what sort of prices one might expect to reasonably pay for an original piece of artwork, say 2 feet x 3 feet? Also, what is the likely reduction in price from the original asking price (start at 50% off the original asking price?).

    Are there any local shops, rather than market stalls, that might be better?

    Perhaps someone has done this by taking a local taxi driver to assist in making the process easier, less hassle and less painful?

    Any feedback would be welcomed (and any link to a Jamaican art shop in Ochi!


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    We met "Von" aka Richard Von White at CSS in 2013. We bought some prints of his, and he delivered them to us at the resort, but I think he has originals available too. He has a website. It's Enjoy!

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    Thank you benandmiranda, that looks interesting indeed!

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    Many years ago, we also built a new home and wanted Jamaican artwork. We were able to connect with a local artist through the concierge and he brought his art to the resort. We also were taken to a place in St. Mary's parish, a historical building where they sold local art, but cannot remember the name of it. There is also a great pottery factory where the pieces are handmade by locals. It's in Ocho Rios and is called Wassi Art. We bought several pieces and they shipped them to us.

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    [SIZE=2]Up the road from CTI is an art studio named Harmony Hall. It has been in business well over 25 years. They have a web site and send out mails featuring different artists. [Good luck, Ed/SIZE]

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