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    Default Love Away Plan question??

    Do you have to book directly through Couples to get this option or can a travel agent offer this as well?


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    Love Away Plan is direct with only per the foot note. See below. This is from

    Available for hotel only bookings made on, for travel August 18, 2009 - December 25, 2010 inclusive. You must book your trip at least 180 days prior to arrival. 30 days after your deposit payment, an additional US $100 will be charged to your card automatically. This process will be repeated each month until approximately 45 days prior to your arrival when the final remaining balance is due.
    Irie Mon

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    We went through our agent for two Love Away Plans. The charge each month on the card each month however is direct from Couples.

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    Ohhhh. Now I understand why it doesn't give me the Love Away option when booking, I'm just under 180 days...thanks for the info!

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    However, your travel agent CAN book your trip through They will not get paid as much commission but a good TA will do what is good for the client.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rastagal77 View Post
    Do you have to book directly through Couples to get this option or can a travel agent offer this as well?

    As long as Your TA books directly on the Couples website (he/she should know how to do it), they can offer you the Love Away Plan option.
    Pam Brown
    Norman, OK
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    no - I booked through a travel agent and still got the love away plan. I told her how to do it. There is one thing you need to know, depending on how you pay, I am using a debit card, we are being charged a $3 per pymt international fee. I am thinking of stopping the payment plan, and just putting the money in a savings account. I will collect interest and not pay the international fee

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    Default internatonal fees

    It is not couples adding the $3.00 it is you bank try to find a ccard that does not have fees for internatonal charges.

    Mike Paradise SR
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    Can your card be used as a credit as well? If it can be do it. Our bank charges us fees when we use as a debit and have learned to just click credit so we don't get the fees. Isn't it wonderful that an instition that is trying to get you to save money will nickle and dime you with any fees they can to get your savings????

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