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    Default Changes through the years

    I have been going to couples for 10 years. I have seen a lot of changes. At CSA they took most of the activities from the Palms and put them in the new side. I remember the Palms was hopping, talent shows and all kinds of entertainment. We were at CSA 4 years ago...they didn't have enough help. They did not have a great selection of food either. Being a repeater we were told that we would be eligible for an upgrade. In all the 10 years we have gone and inquired, we have never received an upgrade. I was also disappointed they cut down on the Buffets. I was at CTI two years ago. We talked to Randy and asked why. He said it's off season so they cut down. I said I pay good money to come here. It should not matter when you come here. He also said "well, you ate, didn't you?" Now just recently I read that the hotel was going to get strict on ganja use. When are they going to understand that there are quite a few people that go for people, sun, services and smoke. Final note, I have noticed that Couples is accommodating the younger crowd more. I feel as being in my 60's they kind of put us older folks on the back burner. There needs to be a little more focus on anniversaries and maybe birthdays as well...just saying.

    Feel free to respond to my comments above concerning your experiences. Thank you.

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    I have been going to CSA for 15 years, one year short of the conversion from the old Swept Away beach resort. The food has never been better, the staff as warm and friendly as always, and the Atrium suites are same with minor upgrades. We go twice a year and will always be there on 4/20 to celebrate our anniversary, having married on the beach at CSA in 2013.

    As far as ganja goes, there has never been a change in policy nor do I believe there ever will. It's tolerated and will shortly be legalized to some degree by the Jamaican government. If you think you can sit on the beach and smoke it, sure, you might not have anyone say something, but I doubt it. And if the local police are strolling past and THEY see you smoking weed, you can bet you're gonna have an unpleasant situation. Add to that the unlucky Couples employee that was standing right in front of you and didn't say anything. Every room has a balcony, make that your lounge.

    And as far as the age of the crowd goes? I have never been to CSA where one age group or another was dominant, save for a couple of large wedding parties that are only a problem for a couple of nights. I'm 61 next Tuesday and hope to still be drinking Jamaican Brownings on the beach at CSA when I'm 91.
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    well casino- i question most of your post, with the exception that you enjoy the chronic. My advice is, head down to The Old Country Buffett- they'll sing you Happy Birthday, and everybody will be happy.

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    casino, grab a cold Red Stripe and relax. What? We have been going for the same length of time, and I don't have a clue what you are talking about. Perspective, I guess it's all about perspective! Celebrate the birthdays etc. at home. I'm in my 60's also, and I can't wait to get back!!!

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    The upgrades used to be part of the repeaters perks but no more. Its really luck of the draw and not to be expected. In 7 Couples trips, we received a free upgrade once. Didn't ask for but enjoyed it greatly.
    61 and still smoking weed really? I just don't get that but to each his own.

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    We arrived at COR in 1995. Our 37th visit was this past April. There have been changes galore. There were three decor changes to the main dining room, two in the Verandah, and here and there some patch and paint jobs. There were 3, maybe 4, GM's before the present Mr. Henry. Food changes, less of this or that. Rule changes: No more key for the room safe, "Don't lose it. Sixty dollar, american". No more turning in your beach towels at the end of your stay and getting the slip for check out. Restaurent changes. That caused an uproar. And the plane ride from MoBay to Boscobelle airstrip. Great repeater perk. But change is inevitable.

    They kept on coming. This most recebnt renovation has brought new life and light to this 66 year old tropical oasis. Beautiful.

    The most difficult changes to deal with, were those that involved any staff that left. Some we had known from the very first trip. We were left with tears and memories. And we kept on returning. A number of years ago we uped the trip to twice a year. Sheer madness. It didn't stop us,

    With all the changes that continue to occur, the thread that binds us to this magical playland, are the men and women that come to work each day with that unforgettable smile on their face, and a willingness to help out a guest in any way possible. "It's the way they made us feel". You hear that from one guest after another. And the die is cast.

    We've had to make some adjustments over the years, but nothing that would keep us from returning. It has become a pilgramidge that we eagerly look forward to. It is, "Grown up camp". It's our paradise. And many others too.

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    Hi Casino~ I've been going to Couples for 9 years. I have been to all 4 resorts and have not seen any of the decline that you speak of. I have seen improvements over the years though. Not sure why the negative post. I see you haven't been on the board for long.
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    Feel free to respond to my comments above concerning your experiences. Thank you.[/QUOTE]

    I can't comment on Swept Away, but I CAN on Tower Isle. We were there last year to celebrate our 25th anniversary, and the week we went also happened to be my birthday. The band sang to me for my birthday, my husband and I shared a spotlight dance. They treated us very well for our anniversary, with quite a nice surprise, and I can't imagine there being a larger buffet for meals. There was an abundance of choices to satisfy anyone. Can't imagine what "more" would have entailed. We are in our 50's, and we were treated wonderfully. As for the ganja...I'm sure you realize that for every couple who would love to openly smoke, there are those who want no part of it...including having it anywhere near them. Have a good time on your vacation, but don't infringe on anyone else's good time. It's still illegal...why would Couples allow something that is against the law?

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    I'm not sure what CSA you're going to, but the one I've been to twice a year since October 2011, there is a lot of entertainment at the Palms. There are plenty of buffets. I've never been underfed. I've passed couples in their 80's toddling along past the couples in their 20's.

    The younger couples tend to hang out near what we fondly call the "kiddy pool", but we "old fogies (57 and 61) get along just great with those in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and on up to the 80's. Couples is our home away from home, and as was so wisely said by Fawnridge above, we will be going there til we are those toddling in our 80's.

    If you feel so badly about Couples, perhaps it's no longer the place for you?

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    Have been going the past 10 years and food is about same if not better in some places. Always book category we want and never expect an upgrade. Always go in high season but did once get upgrade at Couples Negril
    As for age of crowd we like to go the time we do as we meet so many folks we have in the past. Young or old does not matter but do realize some times of the year cater to a much younger crowd.

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    Sing it, fawnridge!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
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    Sorry, but I'm personally not buying this or to be more pc, haven't experienced any of these things. However, I did see that they posted a similar message in 2012 that begins with "we have been going to couples resorts for 10 years" and also contains "we noticed at CSA the food was not that good at the palms it was a jumping place at one time, but there was not that entertainment that they had before". Not that I am criticizing, just sounds like their opinion or story hasn't changed in the past couple of years....even the amount of time they have been going to couples "10 years".
    CSA 2010, 2013
    CTI 2015

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    Casino: Sounds like you're just in a bad mood today, honestly. None of those things seem like deal breakers, in my opinion. Smaller buffet? It's still a buffet; still good food. No free upgrade? "Eligible" doesn't mean "guaranteed". So you'll still have to sneak around to smoke some weed? Really?! Nothing has changed there.

    Think for a moment, what would happen if Couples only catered to the 60+ crowd? Where are their future clients going to come from? Simply from a marketing standpoint, they absolutely have to cater to all age groups, and those younger couples are their future bread and butter - they are an important target market! My husband and I are in our 50's & 60's and we feel plenty catered to when we are at CTI and CSS. I've never felt pushed aside or ignored, quite honestly.

    Things change in every walk of life, every single day. Couples is a business, and sounds to me like they're running it as such.

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    Just came back from CSA a couple weeks ago and didn't notice any of what you are saying.

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    Casino - I think you've lost that lov'in feeling

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    We've been going to Couples now for 8 years, all four resorts - only ever during the off/low season. I actually think the resorts have more to offer with each visit and thought the entertainment was pretty "hopping."

    And if those were limited selections in food, I'd never be able to decide what to eat during high/peak season!!

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    We have been to Couples 7 times since 2004; CSS, CN and CSA. Like all the other posters, I really haven't experienced anything close to what you have described in your post.
    We were just at CSS last April. Our travel agent asked if there was anything special we would be celebrating and, if so, she would mention that to Couples when making our reservation. I told her that we were celebrating our 35th anniversary and also my birthday (my 61st BTW casino). We really didn't expect anything to come of it but lo and behold Couples responded. As we were getting settled into our room on the first day we received a bottle of champagne and a fruit tray with a "Happy Anniversary" note courtesy of Couples. If that wasn't enough, two days later on my birthday then sent another bottle of champagne and fruit tray with a "Happy Birthday" note.
    Most of the people we make friends with are younger than us at Couples and age has never made a difference as far as we could ever tell.
    As far as an upgrade, we never received one, never expected to get one, and really didn't care if we did. I would be happy sleeping in the lobby as long as I was in Jamaica and at Couples.
    You get what you give in life casino, maybe Couples isn't your problem after all.

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    Gee folks, Look at this post, notice any similarities? Maybe a competitor. I cut and pasted so it looks a little odd.

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    we have been going to couples resorts for 10 years I realy never replyed to a message bord but I think is time we spent most of our time at csa but for the past 3 years we spent our time at CTI. we noticed at CSA the food was not that good at the palms it was a jumping place at one time, but there was not that entertainment that they had before. Now I am reading at CTi that patio restaurant is not open all the Time it's looks like they are cutting back we like the option of eating we're we want we will be at CTI sept 23 this weekend I hope we are not disappointed Thank you

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    Crabracer - I've really enjoyed your posts throughout the years, so true and so genuine.

    Our first time @ CSA was in 1995 and have repeated beyond 10 times (lose track after all these years). Change is inevitable and yes CSA has changed some good some not so good but it is all in one's perspective. There are a number of things I could say I'm sad to have seen changed and a number of things I'm so happy to see that have changed. All in all one must decide if the changes good or bad are what you want in a vacation. If not, it's all in your own choice to either go back or try something new. I always say "try something new if you are unsure - you can always choose to change your mind again"......

    I like the message board but WOW sometimes there is way too much judgment on someone's post.

    There's a lot of truth in statements about change, it's a matter of opinion whether it is good or bad and we shouldn't be so critical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by softail19 View Post
    The upgrades used to be part of the repeaters perks but no more. Its really luck of the draw and not to be expected. In 7 Couples trips, we received a free upgrade once. Didn't ask for but enjoyed it greatly.
    61 and still smoking weed really? I just don't get that but to each his own.
    What does age have to do with your recreational drug of choice?

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    It is, "Grown up camp".

    I totally agree. I have been thinking this for years.

    Life is good

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    I know most profiles say this, but thought this was funny!!
    From his/her profile ..."casino has not made any friends yet "

    After reading smroot's post, posting false posts, it is no wonder why!!
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    I am a repeater at CTI, I can tell you that the Patio restaurant is open 7 days a week for B, L, D!!!

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    I think smroot is on to something here.

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