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    Anyone done a split stay between Couples Negril and Couples San Souci? We are looking to book for next year and are considering doing this and have some logistical questions. Is the best way to book to just call and do it on the phone or can you just book the two stays separately online? We're planning 3 nights at CN and 7 at CSS. When they transport you from CN to CSS do they take you back through Montego Bay? Do they just go to the airport and let you switch to one of the CSS shuttles or take you all the way? What time do they leave CN? How long is the drive? Anything else we need to know?

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    We do a CSS/CSA split. The drive is straight throu, I m sure you can stop somewhere if you need a potty break. I believe you can leave when ever you want, just ask. We left at 11am and made it to resort a little before 2pm.

    We just book online twice, once for each resort. You also get any romance rewards you've earned at each resort, so do the preregistration for each.

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    We are doing a split stay between CTI & CSS next March. We booked each separately on-line, just ensuring our departure-date from one was the arrival date at the next. I believe I read they will transport you directly, not stopping at the airport, but can't guarantee. As CTI & CSS are only 5 minutes apart, it will not apply to us. Enjoy!

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    We have done it several times. They have always gone straight through with no stop at the airport. They have always left whenever we wanted to. We leave at 6am, get to Montego Bay before the traffic picks up and make it to the second resort in about 2 hours 15 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes. Our room isn't ready then, but they let you put your luggage in the office where it is secure and accessible. They give you beach towels and you have full run of the resort. You can even make reservations. You just give them your name and promise to return with your room number when you get it.
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    Hi Michael! Hubby and I are doing the CN/CSS split stay in just 11 days--7 days CN and 7 days CSS. I booked the trip online, so there were 2 transactions with 2 separate reservation numbers. I understand that we just tell the front desk at CN that we have a split stay and they will arrange the transportation to CSS whenever we want to leave without having to stop at the airport. I had to do two pre-checkin forms too. No worries! Have a great time!

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    We used to do CN/CSS before and after the "new" road (which is old now). We determined that 1/2 day was gone, packing, travel, unpacking. So we now do CSS/CTI or CN/CSA usually depending on the time of the year. CN/CSA is US winter, CSS/CTI in US summer. Wind and rain is bit too much for us in the winter on the CSS/CTI side. If its your first time to these resorts, go for the CN/CSS split. Its a great way to see the differences. You can't go wrong with any of the four options.

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    We are now booked for a split stay next June. CN on the 10-13 and CSS on the 13-20. This will be our first trip to CN but our 6th to CSS!! 356 days and a wake up....

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    We were wondering the same thing. We are currently booked at CN for four days, but were thinking of adding three more at CTI. We booked through Funjet. Was wondering if we could just make the change through them and not have to book two separate transactions?

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    I m not 100% sure, but I think each resort has to have its own booking. I know when doing the split stay they treat it like two differant stays. You have to check out and back in at other resort.

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