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    Default Our wedding at CSS on June 9th, 2014

    Let me just start out by saying, WOW. There aren't enough perfect words to describe how amazing CSS is and the wedding was the icing on the cake for us. We got married at 2pm in the gazebo and everything was flawless. CSS is such a relaxing place and the people there, oh my gosh, they are beyond wonderful.

    As soon as we got to the airport and they saw I had a wedding dress they went above and beyond to take care of us and make sure that I knew everything was going to be perfect

    I did my own hair and make up so I can't comment on the salon. The photographer for the resort was better than what I had thought it would be, we were happy with what little photos they did take at the ceremony, though we didn't purchase that many. They were still good and we did get a few!

    We did hire an outside photographer and we went to Coyaba Gardens. Photographer was outstanding and the gardens, holy cow, they were PHENOMENAL!

    During the ceremony, the staff took very good care of us, getting us ready to go and making sure everything was "no problem"

    We didn't care much for the cake, but honestly, who really cares about that! I chose the red rosey bouquet and it was beautiful! No regrets there. I wanted to carry an actual bouquet and not the ones the lay down on your arm, but I didn't want to spend $200 on one, the red rosey is $45 and it was absolutely beautiful.

    We had the best wedding day, we asked Akeem, a bartender at the beach bar, to come sing at the wedding because he was singing all morning at the bar and it was beautiful. He was so excited that we asked him and right after our vows and the big kiss he came up and serenaded us with a beautiful song. That was such a special touch, if you can have something unique done by the staff there I highly suggest it. It made it very special. We did dinner at casanova that evening and Oshane was my favorite server of our stay (we got lucky and got him at the beach party too). Everything was always "no problem, no rush on Jamaican time" Talk about the ultimate definition of a relaxing weddingmoon! We were so pampered by everyone, staff that we didnt even really talk to was stopping us before and after our wedding day asking us how we were and how the wedding went. We were informed many times that we were there for them to take care of us, we weren't allowed to stress or do any work haha! That took this control freak some time to get used to but it made it so much easier and enjoyable.

    We purchased wishing lanterns ($20/piece) and we released them on the beach after dinner with my parents, that was amazing too! The little special touches made it so much better, I thought.

    Then we went to have some fun at the balloon bar and everyone was gushing over us, they called us up by ourselves and the band and reggae singer serenaded us for our first dance. I didn't think we would get anything like that considering we were eloping but it was so memorable, I was in tears by the end of it

    All in all, I could not have dreamed my day would have been so wonderfully perfect. It was better than what I even expected it to be, when I let them take control and take care of us and just relaxed, it was even better than what we hoped for! We just got back late last night and we are already planning our trip back for our 1 year anniversary! Name:  1526317_823570244338103_6769746488420846200_n.jpg
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    GORGEOUS! ! So glad you had fun

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    Stunning!!! Congratulations on your happy everything went as planned. CSS was a perfect choice for your big day. We love it there, as well as CSA! Hard for us to choose so we try to alternate between the two..Last time we were at CSS Hurricane Sandy hit!! We had our private dinner planned for the gazebo, but Sandy had other ideas! never happened.

    Your gazebo wedding was just lovely and we wish you a lifetime of happiness...and a return trip back to CSS!

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    The photos above are all just from an iPhone, here are some of the photos from the resort photographer! Hopefully my review helped!Name:  wedding 2.jpg
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    Default Coyaba Garden Questions

    Can you tell me how much the gardens were per person and how you got there and how much that was? Was there any problem taking the photographs there in your wedding attire? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. We have our vow renewal in December and are bringing our own photographer with us and are trying to find places to go besides the wonder resort of CSS.

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    The gardens were $10 per person, our photographer picked us up from the resort and took us there, its only a 10 minute drive. Its up in the hills and it's the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen! No problem taking photos there, I wore my gown and he wore his suit. We were sooo happy we chose to go there, it was beyond anything I had hoped for. The website does NOT do it justice AT ALL. I have some photos we took on our phones of the gardens and the beautiful places we took photos, there were waterfalls, so much lush gorgeous greenery, a lookout point, bridges, gazebos, just too many awesome places for photos. I can share them with you if you'd like to email me.

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    Such a nice venue and a sweet couple. Congratulations.

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