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    Finally returning to CN after 5 years away!! I understand that our Romance Rewards points expire after 4 years, so I rejoined. We have been to Couples 5 times, but since our previous points have expired, I'm confused about our Repeater's benefits for this trip. Will we be invited to attend the Repeater's Dinner? We've always enjoyed it in the past, and would like to attend if it's an option. Thank you, we're SO excited to be returning!

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    We returned to Couples last year after a long hiatus and were invited to the Repeaters dinner (still have the same RR account). I guess, just because you've been gone awhile doesn't mean you're no longer family

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    You are always going to be Repeaters even if you don't have a Romance Rewards account.
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    Happypappy ~ You didn't have to sign-up again for the RR number. You old one is good. Just use that one to check-in and you will receive your invitation.
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    You are definitely a repeat guest & can attend the returning guest cocktail party & dinner on Monday night. You can always note this when you do your pre-check in before you arrive. When you check in, note on your card that you are a repeater (there is a place where it asks) & if you do not get an invite for some reason (ours is usually in our paperwork when we check in) just tell them that you'd like to attend & it will be No Problem. You didn't need to sign up again, though, because your old RR# would have still been good & in their system .... If you sign in yourself to their RR site, using the old info, you should be able to see where your points were & where they expired.

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    We ran into the same issue with our points expiring and we were at the top level. BUT use your Romance Rewards account to do the Pre-Checkin. Since you're a repeating Romance Rewards member you will get to go to the Repeaters dinner and also be able to do the Trading Places perk to go visit CSA (if you want). On the pre-check in just make a note that you're a repeater too...they usually make you feel very welcome upon your return.

    The repeaters dinner, fyi, is now either poolside (weather permitting) or in Lychee.

    We were there in April and CN was absolutely fantastic. Have great trip.

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