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    Default Can you print boarding passes at CSA for departure?

    Jus wondering as I know this would save lots of time at the airport.

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    Just use the kiosk at the airport.

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    Yes you can and it does save much time. However, I could not print my boarding passes last year and I ended up being the randomly picked person to be inspected nefore boarding the plane.

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    Yes, although some airlines will not permit it for certain flight legs.

    For example, We travel from Montego Bay to Toronto ON, then onto Thunder Bay ON on Air Canada.

    Due to security regulations boarding passes cannot be printed for the Montego bay to Toronto portion.

    You can however check-in on-line for both legs.

    Try, you'll only know if you do. No loss other than your time.
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    Not anymore, at least at the concierge desk. You used to be able to give them a flashdrive with the boarding passes as a .pdf. But for security reasons, they're no longer allowed to plug any flashdrives into their computers. That having been said, neither Caribbean Airlines nor American Airlines need your pre-printed boarding pass and I doubt any of the other airlines require them in your hand when you check-in.
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    never had luck doing it, since we are international you have to get them at the ticket counter at check in.........

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    There is a printer in the internet cafe, upstairs at Great House. But it is not always working. We have printed boarding passes in the past but we have also had to wait and pick them up at the airport. It does work most of the time. Good luck.
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    I have always done this at CN in the internet room.

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    Printing prior to getting to the airport saves tons of time...provided the printer is working. We were at CN last month and were able to print off our boarding passes. This scored us "front of the line" privileges to drop off our bags and head to the gate. No kiosk and no long lines. Gotta love it!!

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    There is a printer in the cyber room, but note that all airlines don't allow pre printed boarding passes. That one of the many added benefits that you find at Couples -- many if not most, even much higher priced resorts, don't offer access to a printer without an extra charge. No worry, it's gonna be all-right.

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    We have printed ours at the internet room at CN for the 3 past years. It helps some but this year the line to check your bags for our Delta flight was terrible. They were manning 3 of their 6 stations and the line was very long.

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    Peaches please see Fawnridge's response above. We are at CSA every single April and October.

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    We were able to print our boarding passes in the internet cafe at CSA. The first time we had to search the room for paper as the printers were out and none was sitting out in the open. For the second trip I believe my wife tucked away a couple pieces of paper in our luggage just in case this happened again. The second time worked without a hitch. The second time we on had carry on luggage so it really saved us a lot of time at the airport.
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    Or...if you have a smartphone, just download your Airlines App and checkin that way. Save a tree!! 😉

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