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    Default Military Discount Question

    I see one can get a 10% military discount on current available hotel only rates - providing (among other things), that one brings a military id card. I've long since lost any sort of military picture ID - other than for my honorable discharge papers. Anyone know if those would serve as a "military ID"?

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    I would just call the resort directly. They are very helpful. Julie

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    My thought is that the military discount is for those who have a "current" military ID...not for those who've had one but aren't currently in the military. In the chance that I'm wrong that might be a thing to call Couples direct on and get a ruling.

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    I would guess that the military discount is only for active duty military with a current ID. Usually discounts for retired or non-active duty military are referred to as Veteran discounts. We've never attempted to get the military discount even though my husband is a veteran.

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    I 'm sure that will be ok but just contact couples and ask. They are very helpful.

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    I've looked into this too and even though I don't have an answer to your question about an ID I just wanted you to be aware that it may or may not be the best option. During our research we found that the military is an either or sort of thing, you take the military discount and don't get any of the other promotions and take the current promotions and discounts and forfeit the military discount. I pulled the following from couples site:

    "(You may either choose to take the 10% military discount OR you may opt for a promotion that includes other benefits such as resort credits, free nights, and so forth)."

    With our situation we found the current promotion to be a better option, but to each their own.
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    I am not sure about the military ID itself but my travel agent told me the discount can not be combined with any special promotions. So you have to take a promotion or the 10% discount.

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    I'm pretty sure they mean active military

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    I just called my wife to see if we got the discount. She called and found out that we get it (I'm retired military). They are returning $600 to our credit card since we already paid for our trip. We are going Nov 17 thru Dec 1 2014. CTI 7 days then CSS 7 days. Thank you couples :>)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodbridgeata View Post
    I'm pretty sure they mean active military
    From the Couples specials page:


    10% Off For Military Active Duty and Veterans
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    Congratulations ... I did not know it prior active service counted at Couples, but I know the other big resort change applies the discount for anyone active or prior military service with proof of service (such as ID or DD-214). You can always count on Couples to work with you.

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    Wow!! Veterans too! that's great!

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    I will be going to Couples in 4 days, I called yesterday about receiving the military discount and was told you have to request it at least 45 prior to arrival, so keep this in mind everyone!

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