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    Late December, January and February are high season (most expensive) for Caribbean travel. $565 per couple all inclusive in High Season sounds about right. If that price includes air then you are getting a deal.

    We usually cruise during February and our Jamaica trip is usually late October or November and the rates are better. We went to CTI 2x in August/September and it was <$300 per night not including air which was a bargain but we were taking a chance during prime hurricane season but the weather was spectacular both times.

    I know that Sandals is much more than Couples because that is where we started and GLN is not what it used to be and RIU allows children and the food is only "ok" so we like couples.

    The rooms are not glitzy and we like that, you can get that in the mega resorts in Cancun

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    They have specials all the time, sometimes buy 6 nights, 7th free, plus resort credits. I booked last Aug for this timing early July for 9 nights at about $2800 for Garden Veranda. It is the least expensive area to stay and its really all one needs. The beach is already right there, and it is so peaceful. I also have this great travel agent that gets me better rate then any online agency.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jed View Post
    we have traveled to several resorts on several different islands (DR, St Maarten, Sint Martin, St John, Puerto Rico)
    We always compare them to CSS and CTI which we know well
    We have not found anything that is in the same category
    for one thing, the other resorts always end up being a lot larger
    We went to a rock n roll (HR) resort in the DR last year
    It is very nice but there must have been 5000 rooms
    there were a lot of people at the end of September (not really high season)
    and there were kids everywhere
    the food was good and the rooms were quite nice

    So we pay the premium for:
    No kids
    Couples only
    the small intimate feel of the resorts
    the great service
    and the people

    the food, drinks, beach, sand, and rooms are similar
    that is why we keep coming back even though it is expensive
    It is an investment in our relationship that I am happy to make

    John, I so love, love your last sentence! I really never thought of it in those exact words...awesome! Hubby and I are coming back to Couples after being away since 2011, which was totally my fault! Health issues ....boooo. Hoping to reconnect this August for our 20th anniversary....can't wait!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    My wife and I love CSA more than almost anything. I have been checking out prices for the past couple weeks and since the past week, the price of the hotel has risen over $500!!! I dont understand. The room alone costs more than our whole trip for 2014. The airfare hasnt risen at all and its about the same time we booked and the same date in 2014. We are going to be totally heart broken if we cant go again. Jamaica is really our second home and the one thing that we will miss the most, is the staff :-(


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    Feb 2014 7 nights CN BFS = $5112 VS Feb 2015 7 nights CN BFS = $5320 + one year jump $208

    April 2012 7 nights CSA BFV = $3171 April 2015 7 nights CSA BFV = $4361 + OUCH 3 year jump $1190!!!

    We have every intention of booking CSA for 2016, but it might be our last if prices keep jumping that much. (we also will not book directly with couples, now that we found a great TA!)

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