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    Hello everyone! Do you have a favorite day to travel to Jamaica. We usually arrive on a Tuesday in the a.m. and find the airport lines not too crowded. What arrival day/time do you prefer?

    Thanks loads and have a super week!

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    Any day that starts with an M, T, W, F, or S works for me. But, we usually travel on Saturday due to our work schedules. Probably the worst, and most expensive, day to travel.

    Life is good

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    Tuesday for us also

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    Thursday through Tuesday for us. Long weekend, plus it works better for our schedules.

    Duane & Mary

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    We try to always leave on a Friday and come home nine days later on Sunday. This way we get a full week and two weekends!
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    This is our first time and we're hoping Thursday for Arrival and Departure works out well

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    It's usually Saturday for us but we are trying a Monday this time......hope we don't lose out on out favorite building.

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    We just flew in on Sat May 24 and were concerned it would be much busier than it was. We landed around noon and were on the road to Negril within the hour on the standard shuttle. I would prefer not to travel on Sat though - being at the resort the following Sat and it was practically empty - like we had the entire place to ourselves!

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    We do a week day and arrive early. It's quick at the airport and we are on site by lunch time. It's like having an extra day of vacation.

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    Good Evening All... John & Michelle from the rainy UK...... We are on the countdown for sure..20 days to our 2 week vacation at CTI... Bring it on... Now I know we haven't arrived yet... But does anyone know an approx time that we will be leaving the resort on our last day 28/09/14.. Boo Hoo..... Our flight is planned for 16:00 departure... But was wondering about booking the Mobay Lounge..? Anyone know the times... No issues, got to rush... More sun cream to purchase....!

    Enjoy to all

    J & M
    J & M.. West Yorks.

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    I am guessing you will be leaving at 12:00 hours. They usually bus you off at least 4 to 4 1/2 hours before you flight regardless of using club Mobay or not. They strive to get you at the airport 3 hours before your flight.

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    We did the Friday to Sunday last year and that is the schedule for this year. Love getting the two weekends and enjoy ing the lobster.

    Ya Mon
    CSA 2012, 2013

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    ......Excellento...Thanks for the advise..will look to getting the Mobay lounge Booked...great end to What will be a Great Holiday...Cheers Me dears... J & M.
    J & M.. West Yorks.

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    Do you have a favorite day to travel to Jamaica.

    .....We got the best rate for leaving to Jamaica on Fridays.

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    Tuesday or Wednesdays are the best days to travel, for us; preferably in the morning. Although check-in is later, we still have time to enjoy Jamaica.

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    As notes in previous posts, it varies due to rates/availability. But generally, we come inon a Tues, Wed, or Thur and arrive early -- so no lines or delays.Even when we come in on a Monday or Friday, it goes smoothly. the one day we try to avoid is a Saturday.

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    We've been coming Sat. to Sat. or Sun. to Sun due to work schedule. Unfortunately it is one of the busiest and most expensive days to come. Hoping to retire the end of this year and be able to come on a Tue. or Wed. That will be awesome. I hear it is the least expensive and least busy day. My work does not allow me to take off more than 1 week at a time and I have to work every other Sat. so asking a co-worker to switch Sat. with me has always been stressful and sometimes does not work out due to their prior plans. Maybe we can even make 8 days this time. As the old saying goes though, any day of the week is a good day to go to Jamaica in the long run.

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