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    Default Am I understanding correctly?

    Maybe I should have posted this on the main message board, but since nudity makes some people uncomfortable, I'm coming here. I'm going to CN in a couple of weeks. I know there is an Au Natural beach that we can go to, but is topless sunbathing allowed on ALL beaches? I hate tan lines but my man is a little more shy than I am. :P

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    You can be topless on the main beach at CN. No problem.

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    You are correct that Topless is allowed anywhere on CN's main beach. It is allowed on the Au Natural beach but also must be bottomless.

    Be careful saying ALL beaches as topless is not allowed at CTI's main beach. Just a section of the beach near the pier.

    The AN section at CN is wonderful. Have your "man" read some of the posts on the message board, especially the "feedback after your vacation" posts. I know my wife was shy and nervous but now the AN facility is part of what she is looking forward to on each trip.

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    Topless is fine on the beach, just not at the pool. Does you're man have a one piece, LOL just kidding could,nt resist!

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    Yes you can go topless on the main beach and so can your

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    From the FAQs:

    Topless Sunbathing is allowed in designated beach areas:
    Couples Tower Isle: End of the pier off the main beach.
    Couples Negril: Main beach.
    Couples Swept Away: Main beach.
    Couples Sans Souci: Main beach.

    Topless is NOT permitted at or in any of our swimming pools.
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    My man and I will BOTH be going topless, for sure! lol! I SO want to try the AN beach, but I don't know who is more nervous, he or I. After a few drinks, I'm sure we'll get there! 5 DAYS!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

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    Go AN the first day. If you like it, stay. If you don't then you know you tried. What too many people do is wait too long to go AN, then realize they like it, only to regret the time they wasted earlier in suits! You may want to read the "Feedback After Your Vacation" thread with your S/O. It DEFINITELY helped us!

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