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    Default Csa marathon week in december

    We've always gone to CSA in April and October, but after a few iffy Octobers (including Hurricane Sandy), switched our second trip to December this year. Found out the Marathon will occur while we are there. Pretty cool!

    Can anyone who has been there tell me what time the race passes by CSA? Fun to see? Anything happen on the resort for the marathon?

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    We normally go each year early November (just missed Sandy also in 2012). This year we will also be at CSA during the marathon (11/29 thru 12/11) and are curious about it.
    We did notice that when we booked this year it was more difficult to get a Beachfront Suite in the old side, couldn't get it on the website and it took several weeks for our TA to come up with one, but we got it. So it appears that it might be closer to full occupancy during marathon week than when we normally go in Nov.

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    We stayed at CSA a couple of years ago and competed in the marathon. You'll need to be up early, the race begins at 5:30am and the start is very close to CSA so you'll see the runners very quickly. The course actually loops (it's an "out and back"), so you have multiple opportunities to see the runners. 10K runners will pass CSA twice, half-marathon 4 times, and full marathon 8 times. The longer the distance, the fewer competitors so we recommend getting up early if you want to see a "crowd". Having said that, the runners really appreciate it when people cheer them on so definitely encourage you to support the marathoners who may be feeling pretty lonely as they complete the final lap. There were no actual activities on the resort for the marathon, however the packet pick-up and the pasta party (for the runners) was held across the road at the CSA sports center. Have fun!

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    Thank you both! We are up at the asscrack of dawn no matter how hard we try to sleep in, so it'll be cool to see the runners and cheer them on!

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    If you google Reggae Marathon you will also find a promo code on flights during that time.
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    Thank you, GeoffnCheri! I'm married to a travel nut... Pretty sure our flights have been booked for about 4 months now lol! Will make sure, though!

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