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    Default The rest of the story....

    Now that y'all have beaten me up over my disappointment at not seeing AJ Brown, let me tell you the excellent time we had, the exceptional staff.....

    Entertainment: Milton, Michael, Sasha and Shamika... They sing, dance, interact with the guests and make you feel like family.

    Bartenders: Tanisha, Bryan, Jehneal... Luv! Each has their own unique personality.

    Waiter: Valentine... You made our group dinner at Bella Vista so much fun.

    Bell Service: Martin... You treat us like family.

    Spa: Thelma, Ruth, Mitzi... Magic hands each of you.

    The above and beyond??

    Pierre Bataglia you totally rock.

    We did the conga line thru The Balloon Bar, we shared Sunday mass and he sat with us at the Repeater's Dinner.

    I commented that I would luv to see a coffee hour at SSB in the mornings. He explained why it wasn't feasible. I told him that I was getting an 8am massage at SSB and would luv to have coffee afterwards. He laughed at me when I asked if I could get "room service" at SSB saying that wouldn't be "room service". I ended up changing my massage to the spa and when I walked into the room there was a tray with pastry and coffee!! Thelma told me it was compliments of Mr. Bataglia. After my massage/exfoliation Thelma took my tray down to the large gazebo with the adirondack chairs are now. I spent 45 minutes having coffee, pastry and read my book. It was the most lovely "me" time.

    My other post was only meant to let people know to be proactive if there is something they have their hearts set in during vacation. I was disappointed but it was merely a blip on our vacation.

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    Mr Bataglia knows what customer service is (couples obviously does too), glad it was special.

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    bump! Others need to see this

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    Thank you....

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