I've seen a few pictures of the new lounge bar just off the beach at CTI, which is where the Logo shop was until sometime in early 2013. We waited for several months for it to be completed last year but construction had barely even started in August when we were there, so that was disappointing. Now it's open and we'll get to see it for the first time this August! My concern though is that I don't see any real mention of it in the message boards, with only one mention of it by crabracer and one other on TA. Yes, I know the reviews on TA should be taken with a grain of salt and some seem just impossible to please and will find fault no matter where they go, but I love reading the ones from those that loved their stay as much as we did. Those just bring back such nice memories!

Back to the new lounge though.... From what I gather, it doesn't even open until 11:00 pm, and closes at 2:00, has lots of strobe lights, a small dance area, and of course a bar. Seems like it's designed to be what was originally intended, a dance club sort of setting. My only concern is that it opens so late. When we were there last August we found after a long day of fun and sun, and plenty of alcohol by the way, most couples were more than ready to call it a night by 11:00, with little going on at that hour or afterward. I'm worried that the new lounge would be practically deserted and not the fun dance club sort of setting we had imagined. For those that have been there since it opened, what did you think of it? How popular was it? Please post links to pics of it if you have any. So far all we've seen is the pics posted by Couples, with nobody in there so it's impossible to see how popular it is with the guests or how much fun it might be. Thanks in advance for any posts that help paint a clearer picture for us!