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    It appears international flights are back on a normal schedule:

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    MONTEGO BAY, St James A team of fire fighters from the St James division of the Jamaica Fire Brigade are now conducting a probe to determine the cause of a fire which razed a section of the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay Wednesday night.

    The Fire Brigade say that about 9:05, St James fire fighters responded to a call that a fire was raging at the AJAS maintenance and storage area on the property.

    The St James Fire Department, which responded using seven units and 40 of its members, was joined by 10 airport-based fire fighters using three units. The team managed to contain the blaze to the storage area.

    An assessment of the damage is now being conducted by authorities at the airport.

    Sangster Airport is the hub for tourist arrivals in the island. However, reports from operators MBJ Airports are that flights were not seriously affected by the blaze.

    According to MBJ Chief Commercial Officer, Elizabeth Scutton, two flights were delayed for 15 minutes because of the fire.

    Flight activities are now back to normal at the airport, officials say.
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    Scarry stuff. Reports look like everything is ok. No one was injured and only a few flights were delayed.

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