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    Default Employee Ashley at CSS

    44 days til our return. We've tried the message board, contacting couples etc to see if this staff member is still at CSS and we have not found out our answer. If anyone is at CSS currently or just returned, did you meet an Ashley at CSS or maybe Sunset Beach? We met her last June & just loved her. Never got contact info because she did not have a computer etc. She has a young boy named RJ.

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    Hi MarkandJen,

    Its a possibility that Ashley was a trainee at resort for a short period. She is no longer at the resort though.
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    Yes, she was a trainee and had an interview the day we left. So sad. We were really looking forward to seeing her again. We always look forward to seeing the staff again. They are like family and treat us so well. 41 days and counting. Thanks for your reply!

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