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    Default CSA regulars just back from CTI

    We just returned from a great week at CTI. Having been to CSA several times before we came expecting great food and service which is exactly what we got. To be honest we spent the entire week comparing it to CSA... ok we compare every resort we go to to CSA, so I'm going to write my review as a comparison between the two.

    Rooms- Very nice. Just different. We prefer the atrium suites at CSA. We love the exotic feel of the wood shutters and love having our huge private balcony to lounge on during rain showers. And we especially missed our hammock. One morning it rained at CTI and we didn't really know what to do. LOL However we did love our view from our deluxe ocean suite. We were in block 5 so no view of the island but a fantastic ocean and sunset view.

    Grounds- This was a big one for us. CTI is beautiful in its own right but we really missed walking to dinner down the curving paths surrounded by lush vegetation. The long walks down the hallways just don't compare.

    Beach- The beach is a huge part of our vacation. Negril was one of the first beaches we went to and ever since we are self proclaimed beach snobs. That being said the beach at CTI is fantastic. It gets deeper faster than Negril but the water is clear, sand is soft and the privacy was a nice change. The water was fairly rough most of the week. Obviously uncontrollable but something we have never encountered in all our visits to Negril.

    Water sports- Due to the rough seas we only got to snorkel once compared to almost daily trips at CSA.

    Food- It's Couples. The food is great. Period. We did miss the fish tacos we would have for lunch at Seagrapes at CSA but we got our daily dose of sweet potato chips so some how me managed. 8 Rivers was amazing! I prefer it over Feathers. The food was delicious and I think the ambiance is more cozy and romantic at 8 rivers. However we prefer Lemongrass to Bayside. The food was good but not great at Bayside. The ambiance is great at both though. We missed having an ala carte option for breakfast. I guess you can say you do with the room service but it was not banana stuffed french toast from Patois! At first we were a little disappointed that there were 2 nights that all of the restaurants were closed (Saturdays for the Gala and Mondays for the beach party) but both buffets were great. The Gala is really amazing! They didn't do this on our previous visits to CSA but I hope they add it. We decided to skip the repeaters dinner this time and try out the beach party. It was a lot of fun but I'm wishing we had done the repeaters dinner.

    Staff- Always great! I will not say the staff is better at one or the other but I do feel that because CTI is smaller they get to know you better than at CSA.

    Excursions- Can't really compare since they are different but we did do the Dunn's River Falls trip. I'm glad we did it to say we have and I appreciate Couples for including it but we will not do it again. It is very overrated in my opinion and the vendors at the craft market on the way out are by far the pushiest we have encountered in all our visits to the island.

    Private Island Dinner - On a side note if you are celebrating a special occasion I cannot recommend the Private Island Dinner enough! We have never done a beach dinner because we felt that we had already paid for dinner so why spend another $200? However we were celebrating our anniversary and the idea of dinner on a private island was pretty cool so we went for it! It was amazing! We were met on the dock by our personal waiter with champagne, hors d'oeuvres and our personalized menus. Our table on the island was beautiful and the meal was amazing. We chose the earliest time possible so we could enjoy the sunset. I'm glad we did because we were the only ones there and the later dinners couldn't have seen anything because it was so dark. The photographer took some photos of us and told us we got a free 5x7 in a frame with our dinner. Then when we returned to our room it was decorated with rose petals. It was fantastic!

    Definitely won't be our last trip to CTI but we are still CSA junkies at heart!
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    Great review CSAjunkie! We too are CSA lovers!! Each year we consider trying one of the other Couples resorts but always seem to end up at CSA. While I have ZERO doubts we would still thoroughly enjoy our trip at any of the Couples properties, I am concerned we would end doing what you did in comparing the two, which because of their vast differences just really isnít fair. We have considered CN to stay in Negril for the beach but we also love the expansive property and stroll along the paths that CSA offers. Maybe one day we will do a split stay? I think knowing I will end my trip with a few days at CSA might help keep me from the inevitable comparisons. Again great review and glad you enjoyed CTI!

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    We are CSA lovers also. We tried CTI last October for a long weekend. I totally agree with your opinions. Eight rivers was far better than Feathers. We plan to go back to CTI for another long weekend sometime soon. But, CSA is still our home.

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    Glad you liked CTI - we were married there and been there a total of 3 times so we are trying CSA next May. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Couples resorts. I do second the private island dinner!! So romantic and worth every penny!

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    Thanks for the great review and comparison CSAJunkie! Appreciate you taking the time to compare the two as we really enjoy CSA but will be trying out CTI for something different. In the back of my mind I keep wondering if we will appreciate CTI after experiencing CSA so your review really helps, thanks!
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