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    Default Registering for SCUBA

    My wife and I are heading to Tower Isle next week (5 days!!). We are both certified Divers and hope to spend as much time underwater as possible. Could someone let me know what we will need to do when we arrive so we can get two dives in the first full day we're there?

    Thank you


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    We where at CN Oct. 2013. If I remember correctly; we need to go to the dive shop and get a form to fill out. They will also need to see your Certification card. That's pretty much all there is to it.

    Have a GREAT Trip.

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    Default cost for scuba

    me and my partner lookign for the same. but I just wanted to know how much cost is for scuba?. I know cost is not bigger than happiness in deep water but still give just idea.
    Samir Dutt

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    SCUBA is included in the resort all inclusive package. They go out twice a day, morning is a deeper dive and in the afternoon they tend to do a shallower dive. They will plan the dive for the people and certification they have that are signed up to dive on that trip. i.e. if all divers are advanced open water certified they will make the dive in 65+ feet of water. If all or some are open water certified the dive team will find a spot less then 65ft. Afternoon dives tend to stay more in the 30 - 40 foot area. These are trends that I noticed when we where there in Oct.

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