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    Default Like Family; It's good to be home, Couples Swept Away

    Sixteen visits may make me a qualified reviewer; I think without bias. In 1993, after a 1991 walkthrough tour when the cocotrees were two feet, I returned to commit to the Swept Away Resort. Several years after, the Couples name became attached; same owners on site. The management had evolved, yet the benefits remain secure, and the staff fulfills the guest needs. One major expansion, some years back, opened a new vision to the guest experience, with more contemporary lodging and TV and louver windows with glass panes. The water sports and fitness area remained the same, and food services expanded. All the changes were for the best. Today, the flagship of the Couples chain ( 4) meets all the best of the concept: pampered rustic, all inclusive pleasure, with high-end dining, low pressure activity participation, couples only, Spa services and attentive staff. My recent visit in Apr 2014 into May caught the start of the destination wedding season activity. I have visited in different seasons. European guests start to filter in from GB and GER in January to Feb. Most travelers are from the US and CAN. This resort is not a Spring break location. No children policy brings peace to the traveler. Many repeat guest visitors do bring hotel guests together. Some groups appear to be growing. Romance is still the current theme. Love to have it stay that way. The nightly entertainment can appeal to many tastes and is spread over the resort space. The Adult beverage service finds all needs, too: from red stripe beer on draft to 12 year single malt scotch whiskey. The bartenders know their stuff. Offsite tours are available and sunset catamaran cruises are part of the weekly events. Scuba and snorkel trips daily draw many from the well-equipped dive operation. The resort grounds are groomed daily and are lush. The beach is the best asset on the property, with gin clear water and talcum sandy bottom. Shade area is required and can be found; lounges abound. Racquet sports round out the resort space with all ample Pros on staff. Dollar for dollar, guests get the most for their expense here. The airport to CSA and back from the resort services is smooth. The guest here needs to get into "island-time", I have it figured out.
    Look for promotions seasonally. Choose CSA, relax, respect your next-door guest and the staff; you will be back. Just some thoughts from a seasoned traveler, like you! Love to hear your impressions?

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    Well put DogMon. I'm so glad you had a great trip! We'll be at CSA in 6 days for our 5th visit to this resort so I'll be sure to post a review.
    CSA - May 2009, May 2010, March 2011 (wedding), December 2012, May 2014 CSS - December 2011

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    We were married at CTI (then COR) Sept 2006, went back to CTI in 2011 and 2013, and just decided to try CSA our next trip. We had to switch to May 2015 instead of Sept or Oct because of our little guy being in school and no one in the same town to take care of him during the school year, but we will be there over my birthday I can't wait to see CN and CSA!

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    I'd like to order please.... Two fish tacos, no sour cream. An order of the sweat potato chips, and the dip. Do you have any Soursop? I'll help myself to a Red Stripe draft thank you. See you tomorrow!!! Boy.. I wish We could say that more than one week a year!!!!

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    Nice review, but CTI is actually the Flagship of the Couples Brand. I can't remember the exact year, but it first came about in the 40's.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    couldnt agree more, we too choose csa

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    Thanks for your seasoned review! I'm a newbie and will be going in a little less than a month and can't wait!

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    Enjoyed reading your review. Does that mean the snorkeling boat will be jam packed and if so, should I choose morning or afternoon because I plan on snorkeling daily if possible. Also, what was your favorite restaurant? We love fresh seafood.

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