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    It says on there hours for breakfast and lunch seasonal, does this mean their hours change or they are not open for breakfast and lunch during certain seasons? I am going next month should they be open since it is considered low season?

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    Sometimes in the fall, which is really low season since it is peak hurricane season, Patois will not be open for lunch. You should be OK going in June.

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    Ive never seen Patois closed for breakfast.

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    Hurricane season runs June 1-November 30. Not sure if this affects opening/closing. I would email the resort directly for exact info.

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    Thanks BobandJudy!

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    When we were there October 2013 Patois was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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    When we were there October 2013, Patois was open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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    On our late Sept. trips it has always been open for 3 meals?!

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    Great. We have to go in September due to my husband's business, but maybe I will get an upgrade! LOL!

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