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    Default Quality of snorkeling at CSS and other Q's...

    We are now considering CSS since we can't get CSA on the dates we prefer. We LOVED everything about CSA and my finace especially loved the snorkeling and hobie catting at CSA. Does anyone know if those activities are just as good at CSS/over on that part of the island? We realize the beach is not the same as CSA but do see how the resort has other great things to offer. What other things make you love CSS?? And another question we wonder is at which resort is scuba the best?

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    We have been at CSA before, and tried CSS this year. We are both avid snorkelers (we have our own gear). The shipwreck dive at CSS is amazing, because it is about 50 feet of water, but there is also a shallower reef near where the boat will anchor. The other snorkel site we went to a CSS is a bit shallower, but with a lot of healthy coral and abundant sea life. I did the resort scuba dive at CSS, but not CSA, so I can't really compare the two. I certainly enjoyed my resort dive at CSS, though.

    CSS has natural coral formations very close to the beach. It is amazing snorkeling IF the water is clear. We stayed for 10 nights, and the water was only clear enough to snorkel off the beach on 2 days. I assume this is because of the cliffs. Unless the water is perfectly calm, it will run into the cliffs and stir up the sand. There is some amazing brain coral near Charlie's grotto.

    We did not take out the hobie cats. We ran into a couple who did, and the husband said quite frankly that he preferred the sailing at CSA. Not sure why.

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    Because of the reef, you have to navagate the Hobi Cat out through a very narrow set of poles at CSS. Once through the poles, you are out of the CSS bay area (which is very small) and basically in the ocean. Becuse of this we did not enjoy the Hobi Cats as much as at CN. We have never done it at CSA which may be more of an open ocean feeling than CN. We really enjoyed doing it in Bloody Bay (at CN) beacuse there is always a spot of land to shoot for and you can go from side tp side in the bay.

    One of the better points of CSS was the lesson we got there compared to CN. At CN, they showed us how to use it, watched us for a minute in the shallow water by the water sports area and then sent us out on our own. At CSS, Rohard McDougal, was excellent. He went outr with us, driving fora while. He went throught the poles a couple of times and then had me do it. He pointed out things I was doing wrong and then showed me the correct way to do it. I came away with a much beter understanding of how to control the craft than at CN.

    By the way, we loved CN and couldn't imagine liking another resort as much as CN, but we fell in love with CSS after a couple of days. The resorts are very different, but equaly as lovable!
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    Hi BobandJudy,

    We did CN twice and CSS in 08, we are returning to CSS in April. We snorkeled at CSS and the water was crystal clear the day we went, after snorkeling in Maui, nothing compares, but we saw lots of fish and some coral, again the clarity of the water the day we went from the boat was good. We did not snorkel from CN so cannot compare. Likewise my husband and a friend did the Hobie's at CN, but not at CSS.

    While Negril is known for it's beaches, Ochi is known for it's lushness. I can't tell you how much fun it is to explore a different Couples resort while still having the comfort that it is still Couples!

    What else do we love about CSS???? Are you ready for a long list??

    All rooms have oceanviews, all rooms have mini bars, and all rooms have room service all 3 meals!!!! Including a wonderful Filet Minon that is offered on their dinner room service. We also would order appetizers while getting ready in the evening from room service.

    The room category we booked (1 bdrom ocean suite with balcony) is a very large suite with a large living room area, a separate bedroom, and a huge balcony with table, chairs, and either a double chaise or two chaises. Perfect for breakfast and coffee in the morning, or wine and cheese at night listening to the treefrogs. The rooms have all been updated in the last 2 years.

    There are alot of steps at CSS because of the fact the resort is built into the side of the cliff, if you want to avoid the steps most of the time I suggest a Beachfront, but we love our 1 bdrom w/the big balcony and booked that category again for next year. We also felt by being in the cliffs, we experienced more of the resort.

    CSS is an adventure to explore, because of the cliff/stairs and layout, every corner offers a new reason to smile. The food at CSS I felt was outstanding, although I will always have a special place in my heart for Otaheite's Pumpkin Soup and never empty wine glass.

    The spa huts are located in a ideal setting that is difficult in my opinion to beat. Up on the cliffs with the ocean crashing against the cliffs, well it does not get much better than that.

    4 swimming pools, including the mineral pool, but not including the mineral grotto. Sunset beach if you are curious about A/N cannot be beat! If you are not into A/N go over for the sunset and the sax player.

    The Friday night Gala, although ours was moved indoors while we were there because of rain, we got to see the initial setup, and it looked incredible!

    It is a feel.... just like the feel you got at CSA, but different! To me, CSS is as romantic as it can get!

    I felt the staff at CSS was far superior to CN, and did not think that was possible.

    We are returning next year with 3 other couples to celebrate 4 girlfriends since 7th grade turning 50.

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    Default Snorkeling at CSS


    My husband and I were at CSS this past May; they do not have the Catamaran Cruise, and the snorkeling isn't as good as it is at CSA; but, this is a wonderful and beautiful resort. You will not be disappointed. We are repeaters every December @ CSA, and were fortunate enough to go on a second trip this past May. I fell in love with CSS; and would love to return this next Spring.

    The staff is absolutely FABULOUS, and the food is great! Enjoy yourselves!!


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    Where do I begin? We fell in love with CSS from the moment we walked into the lobby the first day. We went snorkeling on the boat and saw the ship. It really was cool and we were able to stay out quite a while and explore the area. I will tell you that we spent a lot of time at SSB laying on the beach and by the pool. Make sure you also splurge and get the couples massage in the hut. It is a great way to relax and get into the Jamaica mode. The food is great and the various activities they offer are fun and well worth the time. We had one of the guys take us out on the Hobie Cat and had a blast!! I hope you enjoy CSS as much as we did.

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    Wait...there are tree frogs? Are there geckos?

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