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    Has anyone done just the one love wedding package and how satisfied were you with it. I am worried that it won't be enough. I plan on doing my own hair and makeup. We are expecting about 20-30 guests. I can't afford to do a reception with this many guests. We are doing a cocktail hour with the mento band, then eating in the restaurant. Then partying all night at the bars.

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    The one love package is basically for just you two. Youll get a cake and bubbly for you and orchids if you dont upgrade(beautiful orchids btw). It was fine for us as qe didnt want or need a bazillion pictures. With the one love you get 1 8/10 . We then ordered 12 more photos on a disc for $20 a piece. A cocktail hour on the beach or wherever sounds grand. If youd like a pic or two, email me at
    Its r

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    The photographer...even if you use the resort one, will it be like a actual wedding photographer? Will we be taken away from our cocktail hour to have them take pictures? Or could we just have him take photos during the cocktail hour? We want to be able to celebrate with our family and friends during that time.

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    Hi, I just got married a couple of weeks ago at CSA & we had the one love package & we loved it, there was only the two of us & our two friends who were witnesses. We found it to be everything we needed. If you need any more information, let me know.

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    Also, with the one love package, if you are expecting 20-30 guests, there will be a $15 charge for each of them to attend your wedding so that already adds $300-450 more just for them to attend when you could probably get an upgraded package for that extra cost and not be charged to have guests attend your wedding ceremony!

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    ,jensego is right, thats a good idea. Also the photog will do whatever you want. They wont take you away for photos until you are ready. Hell walk you aroubd the resort and beach. Its really up to you.

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    We are getting married on Aug 4 at CSW. Can't wait. Been waiting 12 years for this day!
    We are also going with the One Love Package and I have a question about the photography as we are using the resort photographer also.
    Does he take quite a few pictures that you can then pick from individually?
    I can't get a sense of how long they spend with you, for this free package. While we don't need a lot of pictures we do want a dozen or so to capture the moment and the atmosphere?

    Can you offer me some more details from your experience?

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