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    This was our first trip to a Couples Resort and I will say now…it will not be our last! What an amazing vacation.
    If I had to rate the different aspects of the vacation, the staff of Couples San Souci will rate as the best staff we have ever experienced! They went out of their way to ensure that everyone fully enjoyed their time. This started the moment we landed in Jamaica and carried the entire way through our vacation. I wish I knew everyone’s names but will send out a special thank you to Milton, Saneta, Sasha, Kevin, Elizabeth, Ray, Bryan, Akeem and “Cracker”. If Jamaica is heaven then the staff at CSS is the angels!!!
    I read prior to going that the rooms were a little dated but will say that the room we stayed in (A-29) was absolutely gorgeous! The room was extremely clean and comfortable. I had heard that the beds were hard but we slept better there than we normally do at home!
    The beach party and the manager’s gala were spectacular. The entire time we were there (May 6 through May 11) was the most relaxing time we have ever had! Thank you Couples Resorts for such an incredible experience. I will HIGHLY recommend CSS for anyone!
    There was enough going on that you never felt like you were bored. And the fact that there was never any pressure from staff or “vendors” just made it that much better. When at the beach, make sure to find Akeem and ask him for a serenade…he has an incredible singing voice!!
    There were several times that we went to a bar or event that had just closed and instead of them telling us they were closed, they immediately took our drink order!
    While at the resort we met some of the most amazing guests. We were very fortunate to meet several couples that I look forward to staying in touch with. There was only one time where we felt there was a small group that had become a little over-zealous with their drinking and a bit loud for us. The great thing about the resort was that it was spread out enough that we quickly moved to another area and enjoyed the peace and ambience The layout of the resort itself is such that even though it was fully booked during our stay, it truly felt that there wasn’t too many people there. We spent quite a bit of time at the pond and rarely even saw other guests there. We even got the privilege of watching a “football” game of the staff.
    Lastly, the restaurants….I was told previously that all-inclusive resorts generally lack in the food area but not CSS!! We experienced first class dining every time we ate! From the Bella Vista grille to Cassanova’s (I highly recommend making a reservation for Cassanova’s the minute you get to the resort).

    Mike and Dawn (may 6, 2014 to May 11, 2014)

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    Glad you loved CSS!!! It's our "home" too! Can't wait to come home in July for trip #8!!!!!

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    Great review. Thank you for sharing! This makes the anticipation for our first visit to Couples that much greater!
    Now... What about SSB? Did you give it a try, and are you comfortable sharing what that experience was like for y'all? We are nervous of course, but we plan to give it a go...
    One Love Mon,
    Jim & Michelle

    CTI & CSS 2014 split
    CTI & CSS 2015 split

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    jdubya- We didn't work up the nerve for SSB...I will say that going there to see the sunset is a MUST....that was one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen!!!....a hint though....if you want a drink while watching the sunset you will need to bring one with you...was dissappointed to find out the bar at SSB closes before the sunset

    I do know that quite a few people did go to SSB on a daily trip though and it did seem to be quite lively over there...we could hear laughing and a good time whenever we went for walks around the pond.

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