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    Default The Silverbirds at CSA?

    Do they play there and if so what night and where? I searched threads but only found old info, thanks!

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    Wednesday night when I was there in January at the Palms.

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    Thanks IslandGuy!

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    So, I guess they play before the bonfire starts?

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    When we were there in October it was not the Silver Birds but some other group. The following week we went to Couples Negril and the Silver Birds played there. I asked about it and the entertainment staff said the Silver Birds did not play at Swept Away. Regardless the other group was great also.

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    I will be heading down soon and had not head so I sent an email to the Silverbirds. I got a quick response and they said they still play at CSA on Wednesday nights

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    Hi Jen: Yes the bonfire followed Silverbirds. If my memory is correct, Silverbirds were at 9 and bonfire was 11ish. We actually watched Silverbirds while eating at Lemongrass.

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    They played at lunch at the Palms a couple weeks ago too.

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    They played last Wednesday, the 7th.

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    Thank you everyone! I hope I can catch them during my trip in June!

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