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    Default Countdown clock to Couples on your desktop????

    Has anyone found a cool countdown timer for their desktop that looks like Couples Jamaica? Just booked my 3rd trip, but must wait until June 2011. I can do it!

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    Hi tumh20,
    I loaded TimeLeft on my desktop at work to help me count down to CSA next week. It was free and it's great.
    8 days, 23 hours and 23 seconds...

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    I use Time Left also. My desktop background is a picture of CSA's beach and I made the countdown clock background transparent so it looks like part of the picture.

    I've also heard of Phantim3 countdown clock. It is supposedly able to combine your own pics with the clock. I've never tried it, but others seem to like it.

    Here are links to both:
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Definitely phantim! I made my own skin from a couples came out nice!

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    I have the Phatim3 with a pic of Tower Island on my desktop 189 days 18 hours 19 min and 20 seconds. I love it!!!! Everytime I look at it I smile.

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