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    Default Landing in mbj 3 days before our stay at swept away

    DH and I are flying into MBJ and staying in Montego Bay for 3 days. We really want to experience the bus ride from the Couples Lounge to the resort. Is it possible for us to take a Taxi from our hotel in Montego Bay to the airport and then go to the lounge?? If so, should I notify Couples in advance of the time we will arrive??

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    You can't go to the loungs, but you can request an airport attendant to let the Couples crew know you're outside and ready for your transfer. We've done this with no real issue.

    I'd call or email Couples to let them know your "arrival date" at teh airport.

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    I would stop by the Couples Lounge when you land and tell them what you are doing. I would ask them what to do and give them a time when you will at the bus stop.
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    I strongly suggest arranging your own private transfer to Negril. You could spend a long time sitting in Montego Bay's notorious traffic as you go back to the airport to get the free shuttle. Then, after waiting for the bus to leave, you'd have to wade through all of that traffic again on your way back out of town.

    Not worth the lost time, IMO.

    You can still experience the shuttle ride on the way back.
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    I might not be remembering Randymon's response correctly, but I recall that the last time this question was raised, Randymon indicated that you could not take the shuttle from MBJ to a Couples resort if you were staying at another resort first.

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