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    We're just 5 days from our 4th trip to Couples and our 2nd at CSS. We did not do the Trading Places over to CTI last time we were there though. We are debating on if we should do the trading places thing this time. Last time, we enjoyed ourselves so much at CSS that we didn't want to leave. Can a CTI vet convince us to visit your home by providing us with an itinerary for a single day? What should we do? What's for lunch? We're partial to our bathing suits, so a trip to the Island isn't necessary. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

    -Jen and Patrick

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    CTI has much of the same lunch offerings as the other Couples resorts, but may have some offerings in the Veggie Bar not found at CSS. There you can get frout smoothies, paninnis, and the sweet potato chips are a real favorite. The smoked marlin on spinach rye was excellent! Check out their restaurants and sample menus here:

    There are activities all day long, posted on a whiteboard in the Patio restaurant. The entertainment staff is very good at keeping something going at all times. Some of them include games at the pool bar, which are especially fun, like the Newlywed Game.

    There are enough similarities to CSS that you can probably do just about anything there that you can at CSS but without all the stairs, but some differences with the food, and some say CTI has the best variety in that area. Even though you're not going to the Island, which is one of the biggest differences, you'll enjoy your trip to CTI. I highly recommend it, and while you're there, take a good look around and see if you might like to go there on your next trip. If you like a room right on the beach with direct views of the ocean, there's no place like CTI! Hope this doesn't get posted too late for you to see it before you leave!

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