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    Default reading trip advisor

    I love reading the reviews but feel most people who complain are just trying to get something for free or didn't look into where they were going. That said,

    The main complaint of people seems to be not getting the room they paid for because of over booking. I was wondering how offten this happens. I love all the rooms at CSW ( and the room is not why we are coming) but don't want to have to deal with the stairs of the new section. okay we love the look of the Atruim room, been day dreaming about that wonderful person knocking on the patio door with freah coffee and fruit, what away to start the day.

    Oh and Couples is the only resort to respond to the reviews good or bad. I think that says alot.


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    We got bumped from our Atrium on the last trip. First time it had happened in 3 trips, and the "upgrade" they gave us was to a less-nice room. It happens, but I don't think it always happens.

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    We have never been bumped is all our trips.
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    the only way we've ever been bumped is to a nicer room

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    We've never been bumped in our 7 trips. In fact we have made room requests, like 3rd floor, corner room, BVS and they have always been able to accommodate us.

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    In 15 trips to Couples, it only happened on our very first trip that the room category we booked wasn't available. We didn't receive a lesser room, however, but a higher category. We booked a one-bedroom ocean suite but were placed in a villa suite, a room type that is no longer available at CTI. It was a private villa with a private courtyard and a small pool.
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    In 2 trips to CN and one to CSS (knock on wood with trip #4 in April) this has never happened to us, and if it did, I would simply not accept it without a refund of the difference. I am very educated on the rooms at each resort and the price of each of them in order. Nothing but an upward bump is acceptable at any resort without adjusting the costs involved, if the room category goes down so does the price. Simple.

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    Got bumped up once at CSS -- ended up with a sweet, ocean front room w/ veranda. Sweet. Didn't even ask for it, just ended up there - a far cry from what we had reserved!

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    I have offically decide to not read another TA review. The site was driving crazy and had me second guessing my choices. We are now finally booked at CTI in April 2010. I am thrilled to not have to debate over which resort to visit anymore. I have found this message board to give the most detailed yet honest information on the resorts and would probably not consult an outside message board for this chain.

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