Last May we had the pleasure of seeing AJ Brown at the CSS Starlight Gala. We were told that Mr. Brown played CSS every other week by Mr. Lynch at last May's repeater dinner. We did two Beach Parties (Tuesdays) in December and were anticipating seeing Mr. Brown perform tonight as the ladies of Ebony performed the Gala last week. We purposely planned 2 Friday night's so we wouldn't miss AJ.

Tonight's entertainment was announced this afternoon at SSB, I was half asleep on my lounger when I bolted straight up. Tonight's entertainment wasn't going to be AJ Brown!! I was very disappointed, but later very angry. AJ performed at CSS this past Wednesday night!!!!! Now I was very angry wanting to know why no announcements were made. I was told that there was "something" posted somewhere..... Really?!

Lesson learned... Check out the nightly entertainment when you check in to avoid any bitter disappointment.

One of my observations from this trip has been a lack of communication of what's going on around the resort. Tuesday we made plans to take the afternoon shuttle into Ocho Rios shopping only to find out there was going to be tie dyeing tshirts done on SSB. I've been asking ever since for another session. I was told there would be one tomorrow afternoon on SSB. By the way I also learned that there is a $12 charge for the tshirt. Really?

Don't get me wrong. We love CSS and have two more vacations planned at the resort.

One more small observation. We won a Couple's manicure from Rolly's Salon at the Repeater's Dinner. The problem? My significant other didn't want one. We are at the Repeater level where we get a Couple's massage as a part of our Romance Reward. There is no transferring the reward such as getting a 1-hour for me or credit towards another service in the salon. The massage stays with him and if he doesn't want it it's forfeited. Okay I guess I understand that but for a gift prize I feel it should have included a dollar value in the event he didn't want the manicure, and he didn't. Again, another service was forfeited.