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    Hi! We will be at CTI next Friday (11/6) with a group of couples (14 people total). What are our dining options - if we want to eat together do we have to do the buffet or can we reserve a spot at one of the other restaurants? How far in advance will we need to make the reservations?

    I'm so excited about this trip - it is everyone's first time at a Couples resort!!!

    Thanks in advance for reading/replying!!

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    At the Bay Side and Eight Rivers I would make the reservation two days in advance to be on the safe side and tell them you are a group. All Couples may have to have to show up at the same time to make the reservation, ask Ava when you arrive. Ava's desk is in the lobby on the left hand side near the windows. She is the person that takes all the reservations except for the extra cost tours.

    As a single couple we can book the day of.

    The Veranda you just show up and they will care of you.

    The Patio you just show up.
    Irie Mon

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    You might not always be able to sit together. We met up with a large group once and they only allowed 6 people at each table. I understand because the resort is geared toward romance and not toward large groups.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Thanks for the info! I understand that it should remain an intimate setting which is why I am a little concerned. I just want to be sure everyone in our group has a good time and that we all get to enjoy the wonderful restaurants

    Thanks again!!!

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    We ended up with a party of 20 and they had us go to the late sitting in 8 rivers and didn't book anyone else (most want to eat earlier). This was for one night only as half the party were leaving the next day and was booked in advance.

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