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    Default What to do 1st upon arriving at CTI ??

    We'll be at CTI from 8/29 - 9/6. We've been to CN before, but never CTI. Any advice on what we should do after we arrive? We don't want to miss anything while there. Should we make reservations for dinner, water activities, dunns river etc etc

    Thanks for any advice,

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    This is probably going to be the same answer as any other Couples resort, but as soon as you can, make reservations for anything that may tend to fill up, like the best restaurants, or the Catamaran Cruise. As soon as our bags were in our room I came back down and made all my dinner reservations and for the Cat. Cruise. You'll want to make those water sports reservations early just in case weather cancels them later in your trip so you don't miss out on anything. I'm not a diver, but I'd imagine you'd want to schedule that as soon as possible also, especially if you want to go through the certification class they offer. Once that's done, go get a Bob Marley shot just to say hello to Jamaica again, then just sit, relax, and enjoy the view of the island from the patio or beach area.

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    Randy & Cindy, we'll be there from Aug 21st to 31st, so we'll keep a patio chair reserved for you!

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    Dinner, for sure. We got complacent over the last decade, and with bookings up (and a ~100person wedding party last Oct) we missed out on eating Bayside as much as we would have liked.

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    Sign up for dinner at 8 rivers on lobster night, make sure that you attend the repeaters dinner.

    Try to visit dunns River when there are no cruise ships in Ocho, much less crowded. The concierge will know which days because it does change.

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    501. We will be there from 8/23-8/31. Hopefully we will see you. The first thing we do upon check in is make dinner reservations. go to the room, get ready for the beach/pool/island, then on to water sports for reservation for Cat cruise. Enjoy

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    Always make you're weeks reservations first thing. Then you can relax and enjoy you're vacation. Take this from a 20 time repeater.

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    Thanks for all the input. I'm getting my thoughts in order and making notes. Hope to see some of you guys while we're there.

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