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    Default When should Brian and Andrea come to CTI in 2014????

    So, our baby girl will be a senior in 2014 and that makes the timing for our annual trip to CTI tricky. We like September and have friends that go then. Also, that's our anniversary. BUT, our baby girl is a varsity golfer with a summer/fall active season. After golf is over, her school lets her march in the marching band show (this year they are the reigning state champs - that's a big deal) and she's first horn in the school (mellophone). This is our only child. I've never missed anything and Brian hasn't missed anything since coming into our family. Senior year is a big deal and last year when we came to CTI over Labor Day Weekend we missed her receiving a County Award in the paper for sportsmanship athlete of the month and her first ever medaling in a golf tournament. It sucked. Now we expect lots of college recruiters and whatnot. I'd hate to be acting stupid missing her while we're there and we like to relax while we are there. What should we do?

    A. Don't come in 2014
    B. Come in September again and just try to miss a few things
    C. Come in October and celebrate Andrea's birthday! Golf is over and you can miss a marching band competition if you have to.
    D. Come in November after Marching Band is over and golf is done
    E. Come in December and make it your Christmas present also

    Keep in mind we LOVE the Island and want good chances at good islanding weather.

    What do you think?

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    Come the last week in August! We will all be there!

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    We've gone right after Thanksgiving before and had great weather. No guilt with all the sun!

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    Thanks guys!

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