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    We are coming to CSA in June for the first time and SO excited. We tried to upgrade our room from Atrium to Ocean Verandah Suite bc the former didn't have a tv (is this really true?) We booked through an agent and they said the Ocean Veranda was not available, but they are available on this website. Couples, can you help tell me if paying this price difference to upgrade should be possible through my agent without rebooking?? Should we just try to upgrade when we get to the front desk? I have never had any luck with this.

    Also to other CSA visitors, what room category do you recommend? We had a rough experience in Barbados and were excited to give it another shot, but having difficulty even upgrading a room is making me worried. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    I can't speak to the upgrading issue but it is true that the atriums do not have a TV. One of the best selling points in our opinion!

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    If Couples website has it ava then your TA should be able to get it. I would call them back. Atriums do not have TV"S. They are beautiful rooms and you really won't miss that TV. There really aren't any bad rooms at CSA! Enjoy!

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    We love the Atrium rooms. We always stay in these rooms. We stayed in the Great House once and would never do it again. I agree with Surfhary20 about the lack of TV.
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    While I can't help you much with your question about upgrading either, I can tell you that we LOVE the Atrium suites. We first visited CSA last summer, and after much deliberation, decided on an atrium suite. What a great choice- we loved the tropical atmosphere, and the huge porch with the hammock. The lack of a TV was a non-issue, as we did not miss it at all with the sounds of the island outside every window. We re-booked another Atrium suite for this summer. I will say, if you definitely want to change your room category, do it as soon as possible, as upgrades will unlikely be unavailable in person due to high occupancy.

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    Default CSA Advice

    Thank you for your response, the Atrium Suite does look great!

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    The best rooms at CSA are 2nd-floor Atrium Suites. They do not have a television, thankfully, and give you the most tropical atmosphere of the entire resort. There is constant foot and cart traffic on the sidewalk in front of the Oceanfront rooms and rather than pay more for the view of the Caribbean Sea, book an Atrium Suite and stay an additional night.
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    I think you'll be happy with either an Atrium or Ocean Verandah. The atriums are so much more tropical but if you need a TV then try to get the Ocean Verandah. We like having the TV for down-time..getting ready for dinner etc. just used to the noise I guess. We will be back to CSA in August for trip #4 and have always booked a Beachfront Verandah Suite...sweet! Have a wonderful time!

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    It looks like most of the room categories are sold out. Any opinions or advice on the Garden Verandah Suites in general, or what building/location to request? Our only Couples experience has been Barbados but we are giving Couples another chance, and really hoping everything goes well. Thank you!

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    I'm in the same boat although I am hoping to upgrade to an atrium suite. If you booked through a travel agent you have to go through them to make room changes and you will pay current rates and any additional fee the TA might charge. I was told I would also loose the resort credits because it is considered a rebooking and that special was no longer offered. I contacted Couples and they did offer to honor the credits if I made the change but it just turned into a big hassle with the company I booked through so we just decided to try and upgrade when we arrive. So far the atrium suites are still available so I am keeping my fingers crossed. Not sure if it will help or not but I did mention this in the notes when I did my pre-checkin. You won't miss the TV

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    I'll also chime in that the Atrium Suites are awesome. We also are used to TV in the downtime, but we've didn't even notice it wasn't there during our October 2013 trip. I just laid in the hammock and read/snoozed while listening to the birds and wind through the palms.

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    Never stayed in a Garden Verandah, but I have friends that did and they liked it. Yes, you can hear some noise from the road. If I was staying in one, I would try to get in building 6, 7, or 8. I wouldn't want to be too close to the Palms because of nightly entertainment that can be noisy. Buildings 6, 7, & 8 are still by the road, but they're in the middle of the row of Garden Verandahs, so not too close to the Palms or Patois.
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    We stayed in a first floor garden verandah room last year Ė it was in the older section and close to the Palms and the lobby. We loved it. The verandah is huge in the middle of lush foliage. So dense that there is plenty of privacy on the verandah. I really believe the talk about noise from the Palms or road is exaggerated. Once inside your room with the windows closed and the air conditioning on it isnít an issue. And being on the first floor you can have your breakfast delivered to the verandah. We are returning later this month and booked the same room class.

    I use the room savings to stay an extra night or two! At least that is my justification for 9-10 nights!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeachFan16 View Post
    It looks like most of the room categories are sold out. Any opinions or advice on the Garden Verandah Suites in general, or what building/location to request? Our only Couples experience has been Barbados but we are giving Couples another chance, and really hoping everything goes well. Thank you!
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    Beachfan, we love the gvs and have stayed in both newer and older ones. I'll try and post pics but if they don't work, you can email me at if you want.

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    We loved not having a tv and my husband always has to have one on at home. Heading for trip #6 in 51 days - so excited!
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    We just got back from our first trip to CSA on Saturday. Stayed in an Atrium Suite. Room 2126. First floor. Center of the resort. About 60 steps to the beach. No TV in the room, one is not needed. We did not miss it at all.
    This place is so amazing. We enjoyed every minute, you will too.

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    We'd trade the TV for a hammock (and do so with the Atrium) any day of the week.

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    We did the garden veranda both times at CSA and no complaints. Well, had a few issues but at times it was of our own being on the first floor, hanging out on the veranda, the door closes, no key in hand so we had to take a trip to the lobby to get another key. Second time, sitting on the veranda and door to the veranda was open, house keeper comes in to clean the room (very nice lady), she had to close the door for some reason then later on after we decide to go in, the door to the veranda was locked, so onto the lobby we went, again. These were more funny issues than anything. The one thing people could complain about is the road noise but if you can sleep through tree frogs, you can sleep through cars whizzing by. I am a very light sleeper and never ever had a problem sleeping or with road noise. To sum it up, we were hardly in the room and when we were, it was nap time so only thing I needed was the bed and since it came standard with the room, that category worked great for us. :-)
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    So there are still no televisions in the Atrium suites? I had heard a year or so ago that they would be added. Glad to hear they have not! Atrium is our favorite room!
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    ChrisnDeb, same thing happend yo us twice with the door, dang! We feel the same way about the gvs. Its all good.

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    ChrisNDeb - Thought I would chime in here and confess our issue from last year and locking doors... First of all we have been to CSA several times and ALWAYS go with the 2nd floor Atrium suite, best rooms available in our opinion. We usually travel with another couple and were hanging out on their balcony one night. My wife was little tired so she went back to the room, told me I could stay if I wanted, so I did for a few. She apparently got back to the room and went to hang her swimsuit on the balcony railing before going to bed. Well the door to the balcony shut behind her in the breeze, again 2nd floor room, and she was locked out and trapped on the balcony!!! After what she claims was 20 minutes, she was able to flag a gentleman down who was walking by, it was later in the night so not many people were passing by, and had him bring a staff member back to let her back in the room. I got back to the room about 10 minutes after she was freed and proceeded to laugh hysterically!! I suppose in all of our previous trips this either didn't happen or the door was not set to lock upon being shut... We noticed the latch on the inside of the door and switched it to make sure it didn't happen again but the story will live on forever with us! I can picture her trapped on the balcony praying for anyone to come by so she could finally make it to bed!!

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    We've stayed in every room category but the Great House, and while we're partial to the Beachfront Suite and Atrium, we also really like the Garden Verandah Suites. We really don't need a TV, as we often will bring movies to watch on our computer, but having a TV is fun if you're into watching local programming (although this may have changed, and CSA may only get international / US feed now - I don't know). The Garden Verandah rooms are basically the twins of the Ocean Verandahs, except they're a bit more removed from the beach (although no room at CSA is more than a 3 minute walk from the beach!!).

    Some people have found the road noise to be a bit intrusive, but we've found that shutting the windows and running the air con at night helps to "x-out" the noise factor, and we sleep like babies.

    In short, if you believe that having a TV will be important to you, the try to aim for the OVS or GVS. If you don't care, and have the $$ for the Atrium, then I think you'll find that to be a lovely room as well.

    In short, we hope you'll be as enchanted with CSA as we are - it truly is a lovely resort!

    Have fun!!!!

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    We will be there in June as well, just 23 days left now till we get on the big steal bird. Anyway, we stayed in the Ocean Veranda last June and have one for this June. We loved the first floor ones. I'm like others where I just have the TV on in the morning getting ready or in the afternoon when getting ready. This time I wanted one so I could catch the US World Cup Game while I'm there.

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