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    Default Events Scehdule at CN

    It's been a couple years since I've been to CN. Trying to plan my schedule. Can anyone let me know what days the following events fall on?
    Trading Places
    Catamaran Cruise
    Repeaters Dinner
    Reggae Dancing at the Piano Bar
    Bon Fire on the Beach


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    They post that the Repeaters Dinner is Monday night. Other than that, have no idea what the schedule is.


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    I wish I still had the brochure of activities. When we were there in December, the Bonfire was also on Monday evening, the Beach Party was Thursday, and the Catamaran was available several afternoons (we went on a Wednesday). Since it was our first trip, we chose to not do the trading places, and while I remember going to the reggae dance, I don't recall which night it was, sorry!

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    **Correction-our catamaran was Thursday afternoon, not Wednesday!

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    Default Events CN

    Check this thread. Someone posted a brochure.

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