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    Default Which room type at CN?

    We're planning our 1st trip to CN and wanted to know which room type to go with. Any suggestions?

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    All rooms are the same inside and all suites are the same inside. The suites are twice the size of the rooms. None have a direct view of the beach or ocean from the balcony. Beachfront are closer to the beach and offer partial beach and ocean views.
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    If $$$ is no object then of course choose an ocean view suite..We love all the rooms at CN regardless of the building but we do like building 1 the best.

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    All the rooms are the same pretty much, just the location is different, but all are at an angle to the beach and the resort is so compact you won't have any big walk to anything, so in our opinion, don't spend extra on the room category. Just book the lowest category and trust me, you'll love your room. We do this and are able to add an extra nite (or two) due to the savings. We always book the garden view room. Enjoy!

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    All the rooms (Deluxe Garden, Ocean and Beachfront) are the same except for the view / location. The suites (Garden and Beachfront) are also the same except for the view / location. The resort is relatively small so one room type doesn't necessarily have a location advantage over another. I know that some people will want a specific building so they may request a beachfront to be closer to the beach, but really you are only a couple of hundred feet further back if you are in room the farthest from the beach. Most Deluxe Garden rooms cannot see the water at all. Most Ocean and Beachfront may only have a partial view. The Suites are really awesome but can sell out fast as there are a limited number. Recently we have chosen to request a cheaper room and add nights.

    So, I guess my point is, choose what room level appeals to you based on the description. In the long run, the actual room type may not matter much as you will have a wonderful time no matter what.

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    All the rooms are the same except the suites which are twice as big as a standard room. As many have previously posted over the years, you probably won't be in your room much. We went for a suite once and, although it was very nice, we won't spend the extra dollars again. We were in building 8 and really preferred our past stays in building 3 with a garden view. Very peaceful and a real tropical experience. CN is a great choice, enjoy your 1st of what will probably be many return trips!

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    All of the rooms are great. no need to spend the extra bucks. if you have them, add a an extra day or two to your trip.


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    Depends on what you are looking for and want to spend! We had a ocean view room and it was nice! We were in building 7. Nice view of the pond,vegetation and we could see the beach. It was great being so close to everything!

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    Until last year we did the Deluxe ocean view. Last year we switched to the Garden room and saved the money and had an awesome room with an awesome view in building 4. aren't in your room enough to pay for the extra levels. And this is coming from someone who usually likes to spend time there reading, playing cards, etc (I know, even on vacation, yes) but at CN, we are rarely in the room except to shower and change and sleep. Otherwise, we are out and about, so I say, Garden room and save the money!

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    My husband and I had a garden view suite in building 9 and it was even more beautiful than I hoped, plus, the ocean is still extremely close to all rooms due to CN being so small. We decided to splurge on the suite since it was our honeymoon, and while the bathroom size and evening appetizers were very nice, everyone at CN is treated like royalty, and I think next time we will be fine with saving a little and just getting the cheaper garden view room. From what we saw on our morning walks exploring the resort, I don't think you can go wrong with any room or building at the resort

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    On our first visit we had a Beachfront room. This is the highest level without going to a suite. We were in building 9 with a great view of the beach. We really enjoy having our morning coffee and maybe a little rooms service breakfast on the balcony while overlooking the beach. For our upcoming visit in October we went down 1 step to an Oceanview. I know the view will not be as good as building 9, but we are hoping it will be good enough. After this trip we will decide if we want to stay with Oceanview, return to Beachfront, or go down one more step to Gardenview.

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    We have stayed in buildings 4-5-7-8-9, all lower floor. We have stayed in all categories of rooms, and like someone said the suites are all alike and the other rooms are all alike with the only difference being location. After staying in the suites for 2 years, only because of hammock which we used very little, we began to stay in the least expensive room, garden deluxe. We love them and have had some really nice views of the beach as well as the gardens. Everything is close, even the farthest building from the beach is a short walk. My advice is book what you feel and enjoy it without any remorse. By booking the garden deluxe we actually stay longer now because of the difference in price. Now that's a win in my book. Is good Mon!

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    We had a deluxe beachfront room last week at CN. Our last visit we stayed in a garden view room but decided to splurge on this trip since it was our 20th anniversary. Honestly, I didn't think it was worth it. However, my hubby did. As others have said, none of the rooms have a direct ocean view. We were on the first floor in building 5 and so the watersports building and boats really took up a lot of the ocean view that there was. Other buildings didn't seem to have quite as much obstructing the view.

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