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    Fiancé and I get married in September and I was told to find our honeymoon destination. I stumbled upon couples in a web search but now I can not stop looking at all the beautiful pictures. We both have never been to a nude beach or anything like that at all. Is there a place on the island that you can go where you can just be away from people? Just to kind of get used to being naked.........or are you pretty much around people from the moment you get on the island? I know I pry sound like a true rookie but would love some feedback on this.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The island is very small. No room to get away. Couples Sans Souci has the best AN area for personal area. We did a trading space to CTI. spent 1 hour there and then took a taxi back to CSS. Currently here on our 4th trip in 2 years.

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. No problem. Everyone gets to be a "rookie" at going to a nude beach once. After that you're a "pro".

    You're not expected to get naked right off the boat. Upon arrival at the dock find a place to get comfortable then undress and relax. If you get to the Island early there are places to get an all-over tan to the far (right) side of the island that are away from the main part where people hang out and visit. A stop at the bar for a little "liquid courge" on the way in can help take the edge off also. Relax and enjoy your time there.

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    Most people congregate at the bar/pool, however when you get off the boat go to the right of the tower and you will find a little privacy, then when you decide the time is right come join us at the pool! No worries.

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    As others said, the right side of the Isle when you get off the boat tends to be the quiet side. Less socializing, and a bit more room to spread out.

    Plus, depending on what time of year you go, the Isle might be fairly empty. The first time the wife and I went (early November) I think there were at most 8-10 people on the Isle. Our second trip (late May / early June) the Isle was quite a bit busier the whole trip.

    Frankly, once you get out there and get undressed, it doesn't take long before you stop noticing. By the end of our first trip, the wife and I were starting to socialize more. Then the trip ended and we had to go home...

    Read through the "Feedback after your vacation" topic to get an idea as to what others have gone through.

    Congrats on getting married!

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    jtpetersen, The island is small but the loungers are spaced far enough apart. Go over on the first boat you will most likely be there with only a few other couples. This is a great time to get adjusted this being your first. Any anxieties or butterflies in your stomach, WILL disappear after 15 or 20 minutes. Most people end up by the bar so don't be surprised if you do too. It really is a great experience. I'm sure you have read this before but... Go the first day and have no regrets!

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    You can go to the right first, get comfortable then you can move near the other people. But honestly nobody cares over there about people being nude. No one will even notice that you are.

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    Thanks for the advice!!
    We are really excited to get down there!

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