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    Default CSS Honeymoon - booked!

    G'day all.

    First off, I have been a long time lurker of this site. I just signed up now to mostly thank you all for indirectly making my decision "easier" on where to honeymoon with my bride to be, this coming September. The questions asked and the info provided, in great detail, sure have been helpful.

    My bride to be and myself have never been outside of North America. And saying that is a big stretch. We're from Ottawa Ontario and are huge NFL fans. So when we travel we head to the USA to ctach a game, lol. Never have we left to go oversees. Now is our chance!

    We (or I did the work, lol) booked last night for CSS for September 4 - 11. So although we will not be having our annual NFL week 1 Sunday party, we will postpone that party for this amazing trip 12 days after we marry.

    Trip advisor is one thing, but this site and you people are another. Your knowledge and honesty has been outstanding and much appreciated.

    So if you wish to chime in with advice, tips and/or reccomendations for our first ever visit anywhere worth while, please do not continue to share what you can.

    Cheers mon!

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    Well Congratulations ! As yoda would say, " you've picked wisely" . Had you suggested a Buffalo Bills game for your honeymoon- things may not have worked out so well. Our trips over lap-we will be making our first trip to CSS also that week, hopefully we will run into one another. mike

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    I have learned so much from everyone on here as well. We have never been, but yet I feel as though I know CSA like the back of my hand! Single digits for us, congrats and enjoy your HM!

    CSA 2014
    CTI 2017

    "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain" ~Bob Marley

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    Congrats on the wedding, you picked the right resort IMO. You will have the best time ever. My wife and I went last Sept for our 20th and we fell in love with Jamaica and couples. We got back from a short stay a couple weeks ago and can't wait to return next April. Make sure to vist the mineral grotto to add a couple years to your life. There are so many thing to check out at CSS and plenty of room to find places to be alone. We were there when the resort was full but you would never know it Have fun!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Great choice on CSS! We feel it is the most romantic of the 3 Couples resorts we have been to. We just returned last week from CSS and can't wait to get back. There are so many romantic areas to hang out on the grounds. This was our third trip to CSS and I thought we had covered every square inch of the grounds, not so. Somehow we missed the stairs behind the hidden Jacuzzi by the mineral pool in our last 2 trips. It leads to a cliff with 2 hammocks that overlook the mineral pool and beautiful blue Caribbean Sea below.
    You don't mention which NFL team you root for but if it is the Bills, you won't miss much since they play the Bears! Passing on a trip to CSS just to see your team start the season with a loss would not be worth it lol.
    Have a great trip!

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    Try Sunset Beach the very first day you are there! If you love it you'll want to go back every day! If not then you can leave and not worry about it. If you wait until the last day to try it out and love it you'll regret not going sooner!!

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    Thanks all. I booked everything myself and she was please and excited about the choice, especially after I "educated" her about the place.

    One thing, honest opinion please. Is the private dinner on the beach worth it? I would like your opinions. Whether it's a yes or no, I'm pretty sure I'll be planning this, as we only honeymoon once lol.

    As for the NFL. No Bills fans here. She's an Eagles fan and I'm a Redskins fan. Yes the rivalry works for us, lol.

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    I wouldn't spend the money on the private dinner, as Casanova on the patio, or Bella Vista, seated near the water are amazingly romantic, and the food devine!! I would put the money towards a Couples Massage. I was a "massage virgin" until our first trip to CSS 3 years ago... OMG!!! I now head to the Spa to book our massage first thin on arrival. My personal favorite is the Hot Rocks. PURE BLISS!!!

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    Congrats on your up coming nuptials. You have certainly picked the most romantic resort to honeymoon at. My advice would be to ask lots of questions, as many here are repeat guests and are more than willing to help out. Second, when you arrive at CSS, do the resort orientation. The staff will show you all about the resort and where everything is.
    The private dinner is well worth the money. We have done 2, and it will be THE best meal of your trip. I think the best choice would be either the wedding gazebo or SSB.
    Any other questions, you can contact me directly at I have loads of pictures and other things that will help you on your trip.

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    My wife and I did the dinner on the beach the night of our 20th anniversary and it was great. It was nice to be alone with the candles and the sound of the ocean. I would have to say it was the most romantic diner we ever had. Do it and you will love it.

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    I can't speak to the private dinner personally, as my husband and I chose to save the money on that end. However, do remember that if you present some proof of your trip being for your honeymoon to the concierge table (we brought a program from our wedding), you get a bottle of champagne delivered to your room (just call room service when you want it delivered) and get a free 25 minute couples massage (though we upgraded to a 50 minute)!

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