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    Default Room upgrade at CTI?

    Hi -
    We have stayed at CTI on two previous vacations and are about to book our third trip for November. In the past, we have always stayed in the garden view rooms, which were perfectly nice. However, we are wondering if it is worth the cost to upgrade to a superior ocean or a deluxe ocean view room. Could anyone who has possibly stayed in both categories comment on this? Thanks!

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    CTI has the best ocean view rooms of any of the resorts, especially for the price. I would suggest the upgrade, but note that if you want to look out at the island, you will need a deluxe ocean view room.


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    We are currently at CTI. We did upgrade from the garden view to premier ocean this year. It was basically a move across the hall in building 3. I'd say it was most definitely worth it. We debated doing deluxe but the premier have the walk in closets which I love. And we don't like being all the way down in building 5 so superior was out.
    My husband also agrees it was worth it. He says it gives him something nice to look at while waiting for me. LOL
    We waited until getting here to upgrade so that we could use resort credit. Best resort credit we've ever spent!

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    Autumn, if you don't mind telling one of the corner premier room numbers in your building. We are book for the room category, but I want, if possible to request a specific room number in building 3. I would prefer an end unit. I appreciate it.

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    I don't believe there are any differences in middle versus end units. There are no windows on the side of the building when alking up the stairs outside. We were in rm 3320 and it had a spectacular view right over the pier and huge balcony.

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    Thank you so much. I appreciate it. I can't wait to experience what everyone here is talking about.

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    If you want a GREAT view then I would not book superior, you might get a view but not a great view. Building 5 is oriented differently from every other building.

    We have stayed in Deluxe (bldg 4) and Premier (bldg 3) and both had wonderful views. My only problem with building 4 is that our room was right in front of the swim up bar and in the early evening we liked to sit on the balcony with wine but the swim up bar was closing down and that seemed to be the time when the most noise was coming from there

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    We just returned and had the premier room 3314 and it had an outstanding view.

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